5 Mistakes College Counselors See Time and Again

5 Mistakes College Counselors See Time and Again 6 Ways to Be More Detailed-Oriented At Work
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5 Mistakes College Counselors See Time and Again | The college admission process can be a stressful one for high school students, making them feel overwhelmed in trying to get applications, essays, and everything in between sent to their dream school before the deadline. Being too speedy or just so caught up in certain issues can be detrimental to college applicants, which is why some turn to the services of college counselors to take some of the load off. College counselors work with prospective students to pinpoint some of these issues or mistakes in their applications to avoid any errors that could hurt their chances at college admission.

  1. Getting Extra Eyes on Applications

High school students often feel like they have to go it alone in the application process, but the truth is that it only puts an application at risk of missing certain elements. College application advisors take pride in their success rate in knowing they’re taking care of high school students every step of the way through the admission process. Getting new eyes to view a college essay or other requirements of the application package can help you avoid any missed opportunities for a shot at getting into the top school of your choice. This also carries on for graduate programs like business school, law school, and medical school.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

The college application process usually requires personal statements, giving schools an inside look into who you are and what you are looking to accomplish on their campus. While these writings are designed to provide a personal touch, that doesn’t mean they should have spelling and grammar errors. Despite wanting to know more about your personal experience, some colleges use those statements to get an idea of a high school student’s capabilities with the English language. Counselors can survey these pieces for any errors, but it’s also recommended that you reach out to a trusted teacher to look at the document as well.

  1. Leaving Out Crucial Information

Former college admissions officers have found that some applicants fail to provide enough information to make a discernable decision on an incoming freshman or transfer student. That’s where counselors have found it’s important to make sure the application essay required is doing enough to meet the requested topic. Some prospective students fail to include transcripts certified by their high school or prior college or university. In other cases, applicants fail to point out their areas of interest, which makes some schools hesitant to bring in a student to a designated school within a university.

  1. Checking In With the Guidance Counselor

It’s important to work with your school to get the information you need out to the schools of your choice in the application process. Checking in with your high school counselor can offer up some college application support, as there is a great deal of experience on their part. This includes help with the interview prep for some schools that require a sit-down or Zoom call to really encapsulate your individual strengths. If you are a transfer student or pursuing grad school, college counselors recommend working with the admissions department and other officials to put a strategic plan in place.

  1. Highlighting Achievements

Admissions committees look for standouts in a sizable bunch of applicants to tout as part of an incoming class. However, some college counselors have found that applicants fail to list their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. Oftentimes, prospective students put too much emphasis on why they’d be a great fit for the school or their aspirations. You need to list out all of the pros to welcoming you into this college or university based on what goals you’ve met so far in your life. After all, you want to make your dream school a reality.

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