Why You Should Cater Lunch for Your Employees

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No matter what kind of job you do, you will agree that jobs can be long and hard. If you are dealing with deadlines and large workloads, days can feel like they are dragging on. To get away from the pressure of work, many employees look forward to tea and lunch breaks. These breaks present a chance for them to refuel and re-energize before embarking on their duties. Catering lunch for your employees presents several benefits for you and them. When thinking of catering, you need to hire a professional caterer such as corporate catering NYC if you have a business in New York or its environs. 

Professional caterers will make your employees look forward to their breaks. Are you still wondering why you should provide lunch for your employees? Below are several reasons to convince you.


  • It creates an avenue for employees to nurture relationships


If you own a large corporate with several departments, you will notice that employees rarely find time to interact. Corporate relationships are crucial, as they give workers a sense of belonging at the workplace, which translates to increased productivity. Eating together improves communication, builds trust, and increases job satisfaction. A top organization like Google knows this all too well.


  • It is a show of care which makes them more loyal


When your employees are working hard, they need to know that you see and recognize their efforts. While there are many ways to show appreciation, you cannot go wrong with a lunch catering. It saves the employees the money they would have otherwise spent on expensive lunch in the city, and it is also more convenient.


  • It increases productivity


Employees can use up a lot of time ordering lunch or walking long distances to get to their favorite restaurant. Some may return to work late and exhausted, which affects their productivity. If an employee has to carry packed lunch to work, it means they have to take time to prepare it, which can be inconveniencing. Having lunch ready at the work premise keeps them worry-free and gives them more time to focus on their work. 


  • It is a showcase of your company values


When you provide catered lunch for your employees, you encourage them to take a break from work and recharge. It is a way of promoting work-life balance because few employees will resist a free, delicious meal. When you choose a professional caterer who will provide your employees with a balanced meal, you also show that your company values health and wellness. Employees tend to indulge in snacks and unhealthy foods in a bid to get their stomachs full after a long day’s work.

When you are ordering food for your employees, get into the details so that you order food that most people prefer. Remember, some employees may be allergic to some foods or do not eat certain foods for personal reasons. Choose a caterer who can guarantee consistency, quality, quantity, and timeliness. 

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