Why You Must Consider CCTV Installation for Your Business: 7 Important Reasons

CCTV Installation

Negosentro| Why You Must Consider CCTV Installation for Your Business: 7 Important Reasons | Running a business comes with many responsibilities. Between making a profit and keeping your clients happy, the last thing you need to worry about is dealing with theft in the workplace. Thankfully that’s something you don’t have to actively do if you simply install CCTV cameras on your business premises.

When it comes to CCTV installation Melbourne business owners don’t need to be reminded twice about the importance. Why?

Both large and small business have experienced an influx of theft incidences over the years.

In case you haven’t yet installed CCTV cameras on your premises, we’ll list a few reasons why you must probably do so sooner rather than later.

Effective Crime Deterrent

Which business is more likely to experience a robbery hit? Is it the company with or without a CCTV camera? There are no prizes for guessing that the latter is a greater target for criminals. 

With any premeditated robberies or illegal activities, the perpetrators will almost always scan the building for the presence of CCTV cameras. So, just the presence of one is enough to instil fear in the perpetrators, thereby acting as an effective crime deterrent.

When it comes to security camera installation Melbourne business owners must view it as a long-term investment that minimises the occurrence of costly incidences.

Provides Substantial Evidence for the Police

Whenever a robbery occurs, the first thing the security team checks is the CCTV footage. Now imagine if you don’t have any. Identification of the possible suspects may be next to impossible. Also, CCTV footage reveals substantial evidence regarding:

  • The time the incident occurred
  • How many people were involved
  • How long the incident took
  • Possibly who was involved

It’s safe to say that by having a CCTV camera, you’re one step closer to solving the crime.

Monitor High Risk Areas

If your company deals with high risk or sensitive goods, then installing a CCTV camera is a no-brainer. This system will provide 24/7 surveillance on these vulnerable areas, be it a storeroom or a vault. 

Besides, this essentially means that you don’t have to employ someone to physically monitor the area. You cut down on security personnel remuneration. And you don’t have to deal with the process of interviewing, selecting & training the personnel.

Resolve Conflicts

While the main purpose for installing CCTV cameras is for security reasons, that’s not all they’re good for. Misunderstandings at the workplace happen all the time. Resolving them via hearsay rarely yields positive results. A CCTV can provide you with visual and audible evidence you need to resolve the matter.

CCTV systems will come in handy when it comes to settling:

  • Feuds among employees
  • Disagreements between employees and clients
  • Altercations between workers and their superiors

Create a Safe Working Environment

A CCTV camera serves to protect the company in general as well as its employees. Even if you hire security personnel, they can never have their eyes on the entire building at any given moment. But a CCTV can. 

Most systems involve placing various cameras in many locations. As a result, your premises are under 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. This way your employees feel safe and at peace while they work. This is especially true of financial institutions which are mostly targets where robberies are concerned.

Keep Your Workers Honest

As much as you may install CCTV cameras for your workers’ safety, you can also use the system to monitor what exactly they get up too.

Because they know they’re being watched, you can rest assured that they’ll always be on their best behaviour. Plus, they’ll be more productive too. It’s believed that employees tend to work more effectively when they’re being monitored. 

Installing CCTV cameras means that your floor managers and supervisors don’t have to spend most of their time micro-managing employees. Rather, they can focus on more productive tasks to increase company productivity.

Put a Stop to Sexual Harassment

It’s no secret how incidences of sexual harassment are prevalent at the workplace. It doesn’t help that some sexual harassment complaints can go ignored especially if there’s no physical evidence to support the claims.

CCTV footage won’t only provide the necessary evidence, but more than anything they reduce the possibility of their occurrence in the first place.

Record Keeping

A CCTV camera also serves as a reliable record keeping system. It’s difficult to keep track of all incidents that take place on your premises. That’s where CCTV systems come in. You’re guaranteed real time video surveillance on your property to monitor:

  • What time your staff members are coming to work
  • When your team actually checks out
  • If any deliveries have been made on your premises
  • Which visitors entered your company building

This information can come in handy if any incident, such as a complaint from a client, happens on your premises.

Final Words

It’s evident why installing CCTV cameras is proving to be a necessity rather than a luxury in any company. CCTV cameras will benefit your business, customers and employees. With all the above being said, when are you installing yours?