Why Should Every Woman Attend a Personality Development Workshop

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I’ve started my financial investments with unit investment trust fund, variable life insurance (insurance + investment), and mutual fund in 2016. And for this year, I’ve promised myself to invest also on one of the most significant things – myself.

I believe that learning shouldn’t end when you receive your college diploma. That’s why I’m also taking my Master’s Degree (30 units done). Earlier this year I began achieving my goal. I signed up for Master Class with award-winning writer, Ricky Lee, and online course in Digital Marketing.

And just last March, I was lucky to be one of the chosen attendees for Go Up Events Management’s Personality Development Workshop “The Winning Image.” I’ve heard about personality development workshops before during career week because some companies are promoting but I’ve never really attended one. I’ve attended various workshops when I was in college almost related to this topic but focused on being a peer counselor (because I was one in college) but I realized personality development workshop is a must for everyone.

Here are some of the reasons why should attend even once in your life

You will learn a lot of tips on how to project yourself.

Though “The Winning Image” was just a whole day workshop, there were lots of topics covered; but, we weren’t overwhelmed with information overload. This is because our speaker Ms. Leizel Obuga is very knowledgeable that made all the topics easy to grasp. We started with the first and the most important factor- the self. She emphasized the power of personal marketing. Indeed, there’s no better person who could introduce and know you better than yourself. We are the message. What’s the secret to project yourself? It’s looking great. We’re glad that part of the workshop was devoted on power dressing, poise & posture, basic make-up and business etiquette.

Two of my favorite sessions were power dressing and makeup. It inspired me what types of clothes should be on my wardrobe. For someone’s who’s not really into cosmetics, I really appreciate ethe makeup session because it taught me that I can do it on my own. I salute Darren Nicasio for giving techniques to beginners like me.

You will discover more of yourself (inner strengths and the ones you need to improve)

I remember one of the questions posed by Ms. Leizel, “what is your best asset?” This workshop enabled me to reflect on my strengths both physical and skills-wise. Keeping in mind what I know I’m good at makes it easier for me to apply the techniques mentioned during the workshop like voice quality, etc. On the other hand, it was a good avenue to discover the things I need to improve. Say for example, the style and color of  clothes the Some colors aren’t recommended for some type of skin colors. When it comes to poise & posture, she even taught us the proper way to stand, walk & sit. Now I know that I’ve been doing it wrong for almost 26 years.

You will gain more confidence.

After knowing the basics of power dressing, poise & posture & basic makeup, I felt that I’m now ready to conquer the corporate world. As what Ms. Liezel said, “The better your exterior looks, the more confident you become.”

You will appreciate & invest on yourself more because you are the message.

Whether you think you’re already doig a good job in your chosen endeavor or you need a motivatipn to excel, this workshop is definitely good investment because it helps you develop yourself. In fact, after the workshop, I’ve began to apply the lessons I learned such as buying some of the wardrobe essentials and basic makeup bag essentials little by little. I’m not hesitant anymore to buy stuff for myself. It’s not about luxury. It’s about investing in myself to look good. And when I look good, I will then invite wealthy situations!

You will meet new friends and grow your network.

It’s not a lecture type of workshop. You will be able to interact with your fellow participants. And that’s the 1st application of boosting your confidence because you’ll be able to go out of your comfort zone.

So ladies, if you have an opportunity to learn, grab it because it’s a good investment. The more knowledge you have, the more you’ll be able to work efficiently. In the end, you only have yourself when the going gets tough.

Kudos to Go Up Events Management, especially Ms. Jonah Chipeco, for organizing this workshop. Keep posted on their Facebook Page https://facebook.com/Goupeventsmgmt/ for upcoming workshops!

Photo Courtesy of Erica Poyauan

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