Is it Time for a Career Change? 5 Signs You Need Job Movement

by Homerun Nievera,

Many people hope to find excellent job security where they will continue in the same career with the same employer all the way until retirement. Unfortunately, this is pretty much a pipe dream in the employment market as it stands now. Most people will change employers 10 to 15 times during their life. The average is actually 12 job changes.

Whether you like to or not, you will more than likely have to change employers at some point. However, in many cases, it may be the best decision. You may find better career prospects and greener pastures elsewhere. With this in mind, here are five signs that it may be a good idea to start considering moving to a new employer.

The Future Prospects for Your Industry Are Poor

At one time things like typewriter repair and professional stamp collecting were lively career fields you could actually make a living in. That is obviously no longer the case. The advancement of change, especially in regards to technology, is a never ending continuum.

With this in mind, you need to keep a gauge on where the industry you are currently in is headed for the long term. Right now, plenty of people are employed as taxi drivers. However, taxi drivers may not even exist in the future. Many predict that driverless cars will be the standard on the road by the near 2025.

You Hate Your Job

A good deal of a person’s life will be spent at work. If you absolutely hate what you do, you should probably consider your options for finding a career field you can actually live with. Stress derived from work can have a debilitating effect on a person’s health. 77 percent of people who are stressed out have physical pain as a symptom of that stress. Too much stress can even lead to catastrophic health events like heart attack.

There Is No Possibility of Promotion

One reason to enter a job is the possibility of promotion down the road. A career shouldn’t be a plateau. It should be a ladder to bigger and grander things. For example, Donald Trump’s caddy started working for the Donald when he was a teenager. Eventually, however, he rose up the ranks to the point he obtained an important position on his presidential campaign. If there is no possibility of reaching even middle management in your current position, you should consider your options.

Your Employer Doesn’t Provide Adequate Benefits

Long term employment should also come with adequate benefits. This should include things like health care coverage, vision coverage and dental coverage. Without these benefits, you may end up paying for these things out of pocket. That of course can be extremely expensive. Both compensation and benefits are important. You should consider them together when finding the right job. If another company offers superior benefits, certainly consider the possibility of moving.

You Want to Live Somewhere Else

Working a job isn’t only about the job itself. It also tends to tie you down to a specific geographic area. So that job also ends up affecting your entire lifestyle. While you may like your job, you may also not like where you live. There could be a high crime rate or failing school systems in certain cities for example. You then may want to consider moving to someplace else when thinking about raising a family. This should factor into who you want to work for, because staying where you are could end up having adverse consequences for the future of your family.

A job is a very important thing that plays a major role in a person’s life. Just because you are currently employed does not mean you should be satisfied with what you have. If there are better opportunities with other employers on the horizon, certainly consider your options.

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