Why Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Are Important?

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Importance of Plastic Recycling:

One of the versatile material we make use of in our daily lives is plastic. We buy and use different types of plastic products every single day. Products made of polyester, acrylic, nylon and other synthetic fibers are everywhere and companies such as regal plastics fabricate all such kinds of products for everyday needs of consumers. 

However, this means that we have a large amount of plastic to dispose of as well. Also, it is very important to recycle plastic to make the environment eco-friendly and healthy for all. As plastic is a material that can never be decomposed or destroyed. Plastic should always be recycled and avoided when possible to help conserve the environment.

Recycling is extremely necessary as it can have negative and unnatural effects on the environment. Recycling products help reduce the pollution that is caused by waste daily. It also saves water, energy, eliminates pollution and improves the quality of air and life in general.

Some other main reasons for recycling plastic are mentioned below:

  1. It conserves energy
  2. It helps us save natural resources
  3. It reduces greenhouse gasses
  4. It reduces the amount of plastic waste that goes in oceans, landfills and natural environments

In this article, we will describe why is it important to recycle plastic and why it needs attention and awareness of all individuals.

Problems that Plastic Creates:

Solid Waste Destroying Quality of Life and Marine Life: 

Discarded plastic has a major and visible negative impact on our environment. A large amount of plastic is disposed of in oceans and landfills where they are destroying the marine life as well as the quality of water. 

A huge amount of plastic is present in the oceans that have been swept out. The marine life and wildlife are being killed in large numbers as they consume plastic mistaking it for food. Beaches are becoming littered wastelands. There is no easy solution to this problem however a lot of organizations from all around the world are working tirelessly for this cause. 

Spoiling Nature and Health: 

Plastic products consist of dangerous chemicals and compounds and it takes ages to break them out. There are no useful bacteria that vanish plastic entirely. However, bacteria only helps in recycling products. 

When plastic is heated, it creates a variety of health problems, as well. The chemicals are discharged when heated and produce irreversible effects for the lungs and brain with its toxicity. Along with that, it pollutes the air and natural environment. 

New Life for Plastic | Recycling Procedures:

Plastic bags, bottles or containers that are used daily for several reasons can be recycled in numerous ways.

  1. They can be transformed into plastic lumber that can be used to dumb other kinds of waste.  
  2. They can be used to make new plastic products such as containers, crates, pipes, etc. 
  3. They can also be used in manufacturing attractive handbags for women.
  4. They can be recycled in clothes such as raincoats, shoes, etc.
  5. They can be used to make decorative pieces such as jewelry, cushions, art pieces, etc.   

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