Why it’s Important for an Indianapolis Based Company to Focus on SEO as Part of Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Focus on SEO Why SEO

Today, internet is like an ocean of information that caters to millions of people around the world.  With the internet, the world is now fully interconnected as it has literally been reduced into a small village where information can be accessed with a simple click of a button. This fact gives businesses access to billions of customers around the world. As a result, it is important for an Indianapolis based company to hire the services of a Search Engine Optimization Agency as a part of their digital marketing strategy. This is because; they need to keep their businesses afloat and visible amongst their strongest competitors. If you’d like to find out more about SEO tips and tricks, then please check out www.magnifiedseo.com.

A look SEO

Before we look at what SEO can do for your Indianapolis based business, it is important for us to look at what SEO is.  SEO, also referred to as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing both the quality and the quantity of traffic that is coming to your site. This can be achieved either through organically or paid advertisements. However, the long term motive of an established Indianapolis company is to increase its traffic organically.

As we have intimated above, SEO is just doing a checklist of steps that will increase a site’s search engine ranking. Also, SEO is an ongoing process of making your website more valuable to your visitors. This will not only raise your search engine ranking but also, increase the number of visitors coming to your site.

Below, we will look at the reasons why an Indianapolis based company should focus on SEO to not only cement their online presence, but also increase their business and revenue.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

This section covers reasons why an Indianapolis based company should focus on SEO in order to increase its internet traffic.


One of the reasons why an Indianapolis based company may want to focus on SEO as a part of their digital marketing strategy is visibility. SEO may set your business apart from competition by making it more visible. Search engine optimization ensures that your business website is visible and mostly visible when it needs to be. This is achieved by displaying it on the first or second page of search engine when a query results when a related topic is made.

To remain relevant and visible online, the Indianapolis based company needs to have its website optimised through carefully chosen keywords. This ensures that your site is available when potential clients search for something relevant. SEO experts are usually specific when it comes to the keywords of choice. This is to avoid a situation where your site will be lost with the tide. Remember, there are thousands of other competing websites that are fighting for the attention of your targeted audience. Therefore, having the edge in keyword choice will help you stand out from the pack.


If your business does not show up on search engines, people tend to question its credibility.  This is regardless of how long your business has been in operation. Many customers wanting to determine the credibility of your business will check how it fairs online. If it shows up on the first page of Google, they think that your business is credible. Online prominence can not only increase your customer confidence, but also conversions and sales as well.

From the above, it is clear that an Indianapolis based company should a good SEO strategy. This strategy is important even for businesses that run offline. SEO has enabled small startups to leverage and compete with much larger brands. For example, there are many notable startups operating in Indianapolis that have cut a niche in the market by implementing both SEO and social media campaigns.


Your search engine ranking has a direct impact on the amount of traffic that you receive from your site. This is because; it is only a small percentage of visitors who type your website’s URL directly on their web browsers. Therefore, SEO strategies in using short and long keywords are a good way to ensure that your website ranks high on search engine results. The right amount of traffic to your site will first translate into leads before transforming into real conversions. However, it is important to note that the more traffic you get for site, the higher the search engine ranking it will get. Eventually, this will trigger a build up that will attract even more quality traffic to your website.

Ability focus your target audience

All tools used in SEO can enable an Indianapolis based company to focus specifically on their targeted audience. And as search engines get modernized, you are now allowed to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords enable you to drive a specific audience to the products that you are selling. That way, you get traffic that is looking to make a purchasing decision as opposed to just seeing your website.

Also, it is important to note that search engine marketing goes hand in hand with inbound marketing. This kind of marketing ensures that you provide the maximum value to all your potential clients in different stages of buying either a product or service. This will not only increase your customer acquisition abilities, but also retain them as well. In fact, research has shown that a satisfied customer will always come back to you when they need more goods and services.  

Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

A good investment in SEO translates to a higher return on investment. And although offline marketing translates to feedback for your business, it does not provide the much needed ROI by small business.  

If you manage to provide great value with the products and services that you are selling, you are highly likely to get a higher ROI. The good thing is that, a higher ROI is usually quantifiable and measurable. SEO presents your products and services right in the eyes of your potential customers and this increases the chances of conversion within a short period of time.  

It is unfortunate that many businesses in Indianapolis integrate SEO later in their marketing strategies rather than focusing on it from the beginning. SEO is about providing value for your clients and ensuring that your products are available when they need them. That way, you increase sales and revenue for your business.

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