Why Is Testing So Important to Curb the COVID-19 Outbreak?

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Negosentro.com | Why Is Testing So Important to Curb the COVID-19 Outbreak? | In a press briefing from the White House, US President, Donald Trump delivered his speech on how COVID-19 testing is progressing in the United States of America, with a banner behind that reads “America Leads the World in Testing”. Although this may seem like a face-saving exercise, experts believe testing is indispensable to breaking the coronavirus chains.

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Testing Is the Mantra to Control the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the transmission of COVID-19 surges across the globe, countries are stepping up their testing capabilities — right from Britain, Russia to India. 

Several nations such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan have achieved substantial success in thwarting the progress of the outbreak and preventing spread by conducting more tests.

Today, testing is the need of the hour to have a rational idea of the present situation, how deep the roots of coronavirus are in their country. Based on the findings, the state’s health care services can be uplifted. 

Testing can help states figure out whether they need to relax or further tighten the lockdown norms.  Even for those with other medical issues, people can order blood work without a doctor to keep a check on their health condition and get the report right in their inbox without violating the lockdown.  

Containment zones can be created based on the Covid-19 test results. If the random testing discovers that many people have been infected in a specific area, then that area may be sealed entirely from its neighboring regions. Plus, the measures of social distancing and lockdown will become more stringent there.

Once there is a community spread in a particular area, experts believe rapid testing and ELISA test kits can help to find the infected people and put them in isolation for 14 days. 

Contact Tracing Is Vital to Contain the Spread of Coronavirus

Contact tracing is a strategic and systematic mechanism that is employed to break the chains of transmission of this infectious disease. This critical public health tool to curtail outbreaks is centered around testing. 

By increasing the daily testing capabilities, states can quickly determine the infected persons and talk to them to know the people they have met or come in contact with recently.

All these people will be sent to isolation, and their COVOD-19 test samples will be taken. And, if someone is tested positive, the contact tracing process will again be implemented for that very individual to cut short the spread.

What Does the COVID-19 Test Involve?

  • The test of coronavirus is pretty straightway, a deep swab of the back of the throat or the nose is done. The sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis of the genetic sequence to determine the presence of this novel virus in the body.
  • Blood tests can also be done for those parents who have earlier been infected with COVID-19 and have since recovered.  
  • Another test includes the finger-prick which identifies the build-up of antibodies produced by the body to fight this infection.

In response to the limited capacity of laboratory-based molecular testing,—even in developed nations like the United States of America—diagnostic test manufacturers worldwide have come up with the rapid testing kits that can be used outside the lab setting.

These readily accessible kits are based on the detection of protein in the respiratory samples (swab test) or the detection of antibodies generated in the human body blood (or serum) in response to the virus. 

The states use these rapid tests in containment zones for primary screening. These kits are quick, taking ten minutes to an hour for fetching sample results.


Since there is no COVID-19 preventive vaccine and cure, we have to stay in our homes for our kids and skip going to public places, maintain hand hygiene, and exercise social distancing. 

Stay tuned to learn more about the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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