Establishing Your Own Hotel Business in These Times

Hotel Business perfect-hotel-guest | Establishing Your Own Hotel Business in These Times | The hospitality industry is huge with many different areas to work in. From restaurants and bars, to nightclubs and hotels there are plenty of roles within the field. If you’ve worked in hospitality for some time, particularly in the hotel business, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might have considered owning and running a hotel as a business venture. If this thought has crossed your mind or you are preparing to begin a business plan, make sure you keep some of these things in mind to help you realize your vision.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you have worked in the hotel industry for years or not, it’s always better to start with a smaller, more manageable property for your first business. Of course, you want it to be big enough to house a suitable number of guests to make decent revenue, but you should consider how well you can tend to those who are staying with you. If you can give your guests plenty of attention and top-quality service when you’re at full capacity, this will only improve your hotel’s reputation. Gradually, you can start too set your sights on larger properties and branch out when you have worked out the kinks and teething problems at the start of your venture. 


Another important factor to keep in mind when selecting a property is the location. Although you might not want to set up your business in a heavily populated spot or prime tourist destination, make sure that there are some attractions near where you’re located. Many people like to escape to quieter locations in the countryside or mountain ranges, but to ensure that you get guests booking in it needs to be somewhere people know about and that offers visitors things to do. For example, near relatively popular hiking routes or coastal towns, etc. 

Maintenance Services

Some hotels might hire maintenance men to work full time for them, but this is a service you can outsource easily, provided that you find a reliable company to do so. There will be a lot of rooms and other areas in your hotel that will need to be kept in good shape at all times. Find a reputable electrician, plumber, decorator, and gardener to help keep your hotel in the best condition. If your property has a swimming pool, consider commercial pool remodeling to improve its appearance or any other maintenance work it may need. 


As with any business, you will need to determine how many staff members you can afford to help you run your hotel. You will need maids, cooks, receptionists, bell-boys, and bartenders to name a few essential hotel roles. Again, this is another reason purchasing a smaller property could be beneficial when you’re starting, as it will require less staff to run. 

Other areas to think about when it comes to establishing your hotel are the overall design of the place and what you can offer guests as extra things to do. For example, are there any exercise classes available to them? Or can you organize tours with local groups in the area? All these extra touches will help you to stand out and provide excellent customer service.

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