Why Every Man Needs a Great Undershirt

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Negosentro.com | Why Every Man Needs a Great Undershirt| Growing up you probably wore the old run-off-the-mill, plain white undershirt your mom got you at Walmart or Target. Well, you’re not a little boy anymore who needs mommy to help him dress. You need to start making your own fashion choices, and what better place to start than finding a great undershirt.

Why Wear an Undershirt at All

Chances are you either wear an undershirt or you don’t – and that’s probably the most thinking you’ve done over the garment. However, an undershirt isn’t solely meant to keep you warm. From helping you look slimmer to keeping your clothes from getting drenched in sweat, there are several reasons why every man needs to invest in a good undershirt.

Undershirt vs. T-Shirt

Buying an undershirt isn’t really on anyone’s agenda. Much less actually study up on one. However, if you thought you could just as easily substitute any old regular T-shirt as an undershirt, you’re gravely mistaken. A T-shirt is a great piece to wear in itself. An undershirt (as the name implies) is designed specifically for you to wear beneath your ‘fit!


  • Undershirts are breathable, T-shirts don’t necessarily have to be.
  • Undershirts absorb sweat to keep stains from appearing on your clothes, a T-shirt would just make you sweat more.
  • Undershirts keep you warm, a T-shirt might cause hyperthermia.

Finding the Perfect Fit

You might have thought that since no one, or a select few people, are only ever going to see the undershirt, you might as well buy the first, ill-fitting one you can get. It isn’t just about looking good in an undershirt, it’s also about making the most out of a purchase.

An undershirt with bad fitting adds bulkiness or a crumpled-ness under your outfit, which can give you a heavier and crooked look. Getting the perfect undershirt is important to maintain your outfit’s stylishness!

Prerequisites of the Perfect Undershirt

While browsing through the underwear aisle, you might find your basic undershirts or something a bit more intriguing (various colors, designs, etc). All in all, the perfect undershirt has to fall through on certain parameter, and here’s what:

  1. The fabric needs to feel soft to the touch. Understand the fact that this shirt will be the closest thing to your body for the entire day. If it feels itchy or too warm, it’s probably not the best thing to be worn all day.
  2. The ideal sweatshirt would probably be made up of natural fabrics such as cotton or wool over synthetic fabrics such as polyester. The reason being that cotton is a lot more comfortable and durable than synthetic fabrics. The hundreds sweatshirts can give you more options to choose from as they have a lot of different styles and designs that are unique and cool.
  3. Check the label. Certain fabrics are blends or mixtures to enhance their properties. Some fabrics are made to withhold moisture and some are made to be as lightweight as possible. Determine your needs and find the perfect undershirt based on them.
  4. It doesn’t have to be a basic white undershirt. While white is the color most commonly associated with underwear, it isn’t set in stone. You’re free to experiment with colors. However, white is often preferred because most shirts that go over the undershirt are see-through to an extent.


When it comes to undershirts, many people won’t go beyond wearing one or not. However, underwear knowledge is just as important as any other garment – if not more. It’s the fabric that you’ll wear all day long. It’s meant to keep you warm, to keep your clothes from staining, and even to flatter your body type.

Suffice to say, picking the right undershirt matters.

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