Why Bathing Your Four-Legged Friend Is More Important Than You Think

Why Bathing Your Four-Legged Friend

Negosentro.com | Why Bathing Your Four-Legged Friend Is More Important Than You Think | If you’ve been a dog owner for a while, you probably already know how much your dog likes getting grubby (although it is fun to see how much fun they’re having). Although they go to a little bit of effort to clean themselves, which might mean either licking their dirty coat or chewing their fur, this often does very little for a dog that has been spending its week routinely playing in muck.

This unfortunately means that it’s often your responsibility to ensure that your dog is clean, which could mean anything from a quick bath or a long, soapy ordeal with a little haircut. Although you might think this is just to ensure they don’t smell bad, grooming your dog is actually important for a variety of health reasons. In this article, we take a look at a few reasons why it’s so important to properly clean your dog regularly. 

How often should you clean your dog?

Cleaning your dog properly isn’t just to ensure that coat is slick, shiny and smells wonderful (although we love it when our dogs are looking this good, as it doesn’t last long). It’s to prevent any health issues that might develop as a result of poor sanitation. Although getting the top pet insurance in Australia you can find for your pet is always a good idea, you shouldn’t let this alone mean that you neglect ways you can prevent health issues with your dog, particularly if they’re easy to manage. Although it might take a few hours on the odd weekend, it’s absolutely worth your time, as it will mean a happier, healthier dog! For those who might not know how often to clean your dog, it isn’t actually every week, or even every second week – all you have to do to keep your pet’s skin and hair healthy is give it a nice clean once every four weeks. Any more than that and you can dry out their skin or affect worming and flea treatments. This is, of course, if they don’t have persistent skin issues or get dirty beforehand – some pet owners may find they’re cleaning their dogs a lot more regularly than this, though!

Why cleaning is important

Cleaning your dog is important because it is a great way to help work out any matting or knots that develop in their coat over time. These can actually get even worse over time and the moisture trapped underneath combined with a lack of airflow can eventually cause skin irritation, infection and persistent skin issues. It’s not just about the cleaning itself that makes this time so beneficial – bathing your dog regularly is also an excellent way to look them over to see if they have any issues with their paws, ears, or any other sensitive areas that often encourage infections, wounds, or other common dog-related problems.

A little time commitment pays off

Even if you’re time strapped, as a pet owner it will be your responsibility to guarantee that your dog is in an extra clean state through regular bathing. Although your pet might not necessarily enjoy the experience, it’s a necessary one to prevent all sorts of unpleasant health side effects. By following the tips above it should hopefully make the job easier, and you never know – your canine companion might even grow to love them after a while!

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