How to Produce an Impressive Essay on Social Media?

Social Media Branding Social Media Trends | How to Produce an Impressive Essay on Social Media? | Are you wondering how to present an attractive social media essay? If you want to know the nuances of writing and the aspects you can cover, click here to find out more. 

  • Today social media platforms have taken the world by storm, with over 3.80 billion users. 
  • Some of the most notable platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, etc. 

Format of the Essay 

The format of the essay will be straightforward. You must incorporate:

  • An Introduction (a hook, a thesis statement and a brief overview of the topic)
  • The Body (various angles of the topic under different subheadings)
  • A Conclusion (key points of the topic and call-to-action)

If you abide by the template of the essay, you will be able to organize your content easily.

Tips for Presenting an Impressive Essay

Mentioned below are some important points you must follow while writing the essay. You should:

  • Select a compelling social media topic, which provides a wide scope for discussion
  • Commence the essay with an interesting quote, figure or question
  • Write a debatable thesis statement, so that everyone will be intrigued to read the content  
  • Set the stage for the body of the essay by providing an overview of the topic
  • In the body of the essay, you talk about the various aspects of the social media platform
  • Validate your statements by citing various resources like graphs, figures, facts
  • Look for updated facts on websites, journals, blog posts, and on social media platforms 
  • Round off the essay with a succinct conclusion 
  • Engaging Social Media Templates – Images are the best way to engage your audience, therefore designing awesome social media templates will give you more followers.
  • In the conclusion, you must restate the thesis statement and your final stand on the matter 
  • You can also ask the people to keep their eyes open and proceed wisely

In the next section, we will take a look at the wide variety of aspects you can cover in the body.

Aspects You Can Cover in the Body 

When it comes to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you have a lot to talk about. 

  • Unique Features 

You delve into the unique features of Instagram like IGTV, Instagram Live Video. Or, you can talk about auto-complete in tweets, tweets-threading, etc. 

  • Promotion 

Most businesses and people use social media platforms for promotional purposes. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (Promoted Tweets) all offer inexpensive organic promotion facilities.  

  • Private Security 

Social Media accounts can also be compromised and have landed many people into security issues.  You can share an insight into potential hacking threats. 

  • Trending Topics 

You can shed light on the viral pictures, quotes or videos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can specify views, engagements and shares it has garnered.  

  • People with Most Followers 

Who has the most followers or most likes on their social media account? Ronaldo, Messi or Connor McGregor? It is a debate on its own, and you can write a lot about it. 

  • Influencer Marketing

Marketing tactics are countless. You can discuss influencer marketing in your entire social media essay, and the word count would prove to be short for you.  

Hopefully, you will be able to capitalize on the points shared above.  

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