Why a Pregnant Woman Waits for Their Belly To Pop Out


Each and every woman waits to experience the beautiful feeling that pregnancy is and when they do get pregnant they become really excited and happy. They keep eagerly waiting to see the face of their baby and wait to end the nine months tenure as soon as possible. But at the same time, they also tend to enjoy each and every bit of those nine months taking every step carefully and eagerly seeing the transformation they go through day by day.

The Very First Thing

that they try to find out after they become pregnant is whether the baby is growing inside properly or not. Are they comfortable inside the womb? Each and every ‘future’ mother changes their sleeping schedules, eating patterns, lifestyles and every other minute things so that they can give the maximum nutrition and comfort to the baby growing inside.  Then the other thoughts also keep coming in. Is the baby growing enough inside? When can you feel the baby kick on the outside? Also, when will the belly button pop out? All these questions keep concerning the mother till the baby comes out healthy.

Now, mothers do get scared when the belly button does not pop out even if the required months have passed. But why the belly button pop out even at all?  This mainly happens because the uterus keeps pushing the abdomen forward when one becomes pregnant. There is a tremendous abdominal pressure that can push the belly button forward and in some cases it makes the belly button protrude as well. Also when one is pregnant there is a rapid expansion of the uterus that actually starts pushing itself forward once the pregnancy reaches its 24th to 26th week. In fact, many gynaecologists have come to the conclusion that if one is skinny in nature, then their belly button can pop out in the second trimester which is from 3rd to 6th month.

In All Pregnant Women

the bell button will pop out eventually. There is nothing extra that one needs to do to make it happen and the protruding of the belly button is harmless as well. It has been already mentioned above that when do belly buttons pop out during pregnancy and after the baby is delivered it goes back to the place where it was previously. Though it can take a few months of time and look a bit stretched out as well, it will be normal again in a while. There are some cases when the belly button does not pop out at all during pregnancy. That is also okay because according to doctors there is nothing to worry about at all if the belly button does not pop out.

A properly popped belly button can only indicate that one is pregnant and the baby which is their inside the womb is growing healthily and normally. That is why; women are always eager to see their popped belly button from the day they receive the news of being pregnant and keep waiting for the moment.

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