What Every Beginner Trader Should Know About Forex Trading

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Negosentro.comWhat Every Beginner Trader Should Know About Forex Trading 

What Is Forex Trading? 

Foreign exchange, or Forex, is the transfer of currency between a network of buyers and sellers at a pre-agreed price – it is a means by which companies, central banks and individuals exchange one currency for another. A typical example of a forex transaction is when you exchange your local currency for the currency of the country you are visiting. 

Although a lot of Forex transactions happen for practical reasons, like travel, the bulk of currency conversion undertaken by Forex traders is aimed at making a profit. Because of this and the large volume of currency that is converted every day, the price movements of some currencies can become very unstable. It is this unpredictability that attracts Forex traders to Forex – because an increase in risk brings about an increased chance for high profits. 

How Does Forex Trading Work? 

Forex trading is very similar to other asset trading markets – in that you buy when it’s low and sell when it’s high. When the price is trending strongly, then it’s easy. However, it is when you trade in oscillating markets that it becomes very interesting. 

For you to trade on a downward trend, you just have to short sell assets. What this means is, you borrow some assets from a third party, sell them, return to buy it back at a later time, and then return the borrowed assets. If there is a reduction in price between when you sell and when you buy, you have made some profits. If the market is constantly swinging then you need to be very skilled to time your short term trades and not end up getting caught going the wrong way every time.

Of course, there is a science and an art to trading on a downward trend, it is not just intuition and luck. Forex trading is very complex, especially when you use leverage, so you need to understand what it is you are doing. And don’t forget to always find good forex news sources to keep yourself updated on the latest information, trends and alerts. Even if you are focused on technical indicators it is good to have an understanding of the fundamental analysis that is also driving the market. Trade psychology is very important, and sentiment about news is at the heart of the trends and swings of the foreign exchange market.

A Few Things to Note When Trading Forex

  • Funds 

Like every business venture, Forex trading comes with potentials for profits as well as risk and chances of making a loss if you don’t trade smartly. In as much as you will make gains, you will also likely suffer a few losses along the way. But that’s not much to worry about as long as it is part of the process and learning curve. As long as you make a good number of gains and regularly apply good trading tips, you will be able to cushion any occasional losses. In order to maintain a fine balance when starting out, you will need to have a fund balance that takes all of that into account. 

  • Avoid Complacency 

There may be the temptation to become complacent, especially when you’re just starting out and yet to have a good grasp of the complexities of the Forex market. When trading in the Forex market. it is essential that you have a broad knowledge of the market in order to be adequately prepared for the market for both profit-taking and minimising risks and losses. A great way to get started is to open a demo trading accounts via your online brokerage firm – this way, you can stimulate and practice your strategy in real-time. 


  • Time 


Forex takes a lot of time to master just like any other profession – you will not start at a new job and expect to get a promotion the very next day. In order for you to become proficient at Forex trading, you will need to go through a learning period. This is vital to hone your conditioning and build your endurance mindset for the market. If you are a new trader, it is recommended that you start out with small investments before taking a huge leap. 

Can Forex Trading Make You A Lot Of Money? 

The real question here would be, will trading in Forex make you rich? Therefore it will be best if we give you some tips that you can use to maximise your profits on the FX market. We’ll endeavour to make this as objective as possible (without factoring in the speculation strategy you might employ), keep these factors at the forefront of your mind: 

Leverage: Even though leverage is a very complex concept to grasp, you should remember that with greater risks come greater rewards. If high-risk security is being offered, then you should ensure that your return on investment is also high. 

Portfolios: Smart investors spread their investments across various businesses to minimise risk. This is also something that Forex traders should do. You can do this by building different currency portfolios which will help you minimise risk when bought in different currency combinations. 

Regulation: The Forex market is not particularly well regulated.  When starting out in the market, make sure to sign up with brokers who are transparent and registered with a regulatory agency – that is ones that can provide proof of their legitimacy. It is easy for you to check up on the legitimacy of a broker by reaching out to a regulatory authority to provide you with a list of regulated companies.

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