When in Baguio: A Travel Guide on What Not To Miss

Summer or not, Baguio City’s always among the top choices as vacation destination in our country. Being about 5,000 feet above sea level, a lot of people flock to this city to experience the chilly temperature and fun activities around. If you’re a first-timer, or when it’s your third time to visit the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, here’s a list of things not to miss when in Baguio.



When in Baguio, find the famed longganisa at Baguio’s Public Market, a smaller variety of sausage with strong, garlic flavor. They also have another version called jamonado, which is the sweet kind.


Isn’t Baguio one of the best places to eat fresh vegetables? With vast agricultural land around and outside the city, you’ll surely run out of space to stock the veggies to bring home. But when you want them for dinner, you could visit the Tradisyon Restaurant at Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio and taste one of their specialties, Pinakbet.


As a known tourist destination, you might get overwhelmed of how much this city could offer with all of the hotels, transient houses and inns available. Because Baguio’s best for its relaxing cool nights, you might want to stay somewhere that’s not too crowded. When in Baguio, you may opt for a stay in Azalea Hotels and Residences located at Leonard Wood Loop for a homey vacation.

Tourist Spots

Baguio Night Market

Aside from the rows of street food which you could munch on, this night market is best known for ukay-ukay. Located at Harrison Road, you could buy all sorts of dry goods here: shoes, clothes, bags, keychains, dreamcatchers, and souvenirs.

BenCab Museum

Featuring Benedicto Cabrera’s collections, these attraction would make you experience Cordillera inside a museum. Aside from the paintings and indigenous art & crafts, you will  also enjoy a cozy break at their coffee shop, Cafe Sabel.


Good Shepherd

When in Baguio, never leave without bringing home a jar of lengua de gato, peanut brittle, and ube or strawberry jam. Theirs is one of the most popular and best.


Some people say brooms from Baguio are better and more durable, that’s why tourists bring them home all the way from the North. These wooden brooms carry a “Baguio City” label on its handles.