The 4S’s to Consider when Planning a Vacation in Boracay

If you are in Paris, I believe that you would choose to stay in a hotel where the view of the Eiffel Tower is seen. If you are in Maldives, you would probably choose a villa near the beach where you could easily view the famous beauty of their ocean, but that is too cliché. How about experiencing the other side?

When in Boracay, one would usually find a place to stay in where the magnificent beach is seen, the salty breeze is felt, the party music is heard and the smell of seafood lingers everywhere. But all these wonderful things come with downsides. It’s usually the crowded area. To avoid this, here are the 4S’s that you need to consider as you plan your vacation in Boracay.


Local tourist spots are usually crowded especially at peak seasons. That means, more people are around you and your belongings must be given much attention. Staying in a place away from where most people are, would be very helpful, especially if you have kids with you. In this way, you don’t need to worry if ever they’d run around.


If you’re out on a vacation in Boracay, your goal is to relax and have a “me-time.” It’s best to stay in a place where you’d feel at ease with the quiet surroundings and warmth of the people around you.


Because you’re on a vacation in Boracay, you shouldn’t be worrying too much about other things like food, laundry, and your travel itinerary. Choose a hotel that has complete hotel facilities and services, plus polite and accommodating staff.


If you’re planning a vacation in Boracay on a group, choose an accommodation that has rooms available for a large number of guests. Another tip on saving money on your Boracay trip is to choose an accommodation with amenities such as kitchen, dining area, and Wi-Fi zones to avoid unnecessary spending.

It may sound difficult to find all these in one place but here’s the good news: Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay has them all.

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