What’s the Best Phone Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Negosentro.com | The Best Phone Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max | Smartphones are so expensive that you wouldn’t want to spend a big buck on one and end up with a scratched screen. To protect your phone screen from being shattered, what mobile accessories you need indeed are the best iPhone screen protectors. The best phone screen protectors will ensure that your phone’s screen stays safe if you happen to drop it. Among all the screen protectors in the market, making a purchase should not be overlooked. Let’s check out the different types so that you can choose the best phone screen protector for iPhone 11Pro Max.

PET Film

PET is a type of plastic available in various applications such as water bottles and food containers. PET screen protectors are super cheap, light, and thin, and as a result, are less visible once applied to your phone. The high-quality one is quite clear and adds a functional anti-scratch layer to your screen, but they are not too sturdy, which won’t help in case of falls and drops. And their scratch-resistance isn’t good enough, which is limited to fingernails, coins, and keys. Its disadvantage is that plastic is most likely to discolor due to sunlight and grease accumulation on fingers, and the touch is not as good as glass.

TPU Plastic

TPU plastic is flexible so that it can go edge-to-edge on any phones with curved screens, and it has better impact protection than PET. However, it is a huge hassle to install. It doesn’t feel very smooth due to its rubbery texture and adds an “orange peel” type glare to your phone’s screen. TPU is a chemically reinforced plastic with properties including scratch resistance, elasticity, grease resistance, and enhanced toughness. Due to its flexibility, it has limited “self-healing” abilities, which means that its slight softness gives it the ability to absorb non-extreme impacts, such as most drops and lighter scratches. At the very least, it will provide better impact protection.

Tempered Glass

They don’t have the self-healing power as TPU, but they are more robust in anti-scratch and drop protection. Tempered glass protectors come either as clear ones or slightly tinted. Though they are thick, they adhere to the mobile screen correctly and can take the impact when the phone is dropped unexpectedly. So before the screen damages the tempered glass protector cracks. As they are created of glass, much like the first screen, they also feel like the initial screen. They have the smoothest feel, preventing the most damage. 

Comparing three common types of screen protectors, we would say tempered glass could best suit your iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you want to go with tempered glass, brands like VMAX offer tempered glass screen protectors at very affordable prices. One such example is iPhone 11 Pro Max 2.5D Round Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It is specially designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It features perfect cutting and 2.5D round edge, so that never hurts your finger. Besides, it is coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic transparent layer, and glass protects your fingerprint from sweat and grease and keeps your phone screen dry for the whole day. Moreover, the ultra-thin-0.33mm thickness, with up to 9H Hardness, provide max protection, anti-scratch, and ease the impact force, avoiding screen damage from a sharp object, blast, wear. Also, it is easy to install, provided with a free install kit. Its ultra-clear with 99.9% transparency and sensitivity make it become the best glass screen protector. 

Another hot seller distributed by VMAX is iPhone 11 Pro Max Full-Size Cell Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It features 9H hardness with anti-fingerprint and oil resistant properties. What’s more, its high-transparent silica gel composite absorbs into the phone screen without rainbow effect, and small bubbles will disappear automatically in 24 hours.

Now you’ve known the pros and cons of each screen protector so that you could make an informed choice. If you are looking to protect your phone screen from cracks and loss, VMAX would be your top pick.

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