What to Expect When Working With an Outsourcing Company

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Negosentro | What to Expect When Working With an Outsourcing Company | Outsourcing has become a bad word in some circles. With thousands of outsourcing services out there, competing for your attention, there are some less than reputable or reliable services out there. AwesomeOS has been doing business and elevating e-commerce sites into large, thriving businesses for 12 years. 

Our professionals have been carefully chosen to bring you the very best there is to offer in all of our areas of expertise. AwesomeOS has partnered with over 80 of the world’s most prominent startups, and we proudly take credit for helping them flourish in an increasingly competitive world. 

Expect A Personalized Experience

At AwesomeOS, we have a company mantra that we make sure each and every business we tackle is a ‘“dedicated only model”. This means that once you choose us, your company’s culture is carefully replicated by a carefully chosen and dedicated team. Your dedicated team will focus on your business, and not treat you like a number, as they are pulled in ten different directions for different companies. Your team of professionals will take your business model, the nuances of your customer base, and your company’s unique look and feel – to make ourselves an extension of your personal company headquarters. 

Expect Knowledge and Professionalism

In our 12 years of partnering with high-growth and disruptive startups, we have acquired amazing talent in all of our areas of expertise. 

These high-energy professionals are ready and waiting to tackle your business’s challenges with creative, outside-of-the-box solutions. From digital strategy, order management, unique content production, crisis management, to customer care, we collectively have the answers you need. Our team becomes your team, and they will have the knowledge and experience to streamline, create solutions, and make your business bloom. 

Expect Creative Solutions To Your Unique Problems

At AwesomeOS, we never lump your unique company challenges together with other, random companies. You and your company are our focus. Just talk to our representatives about what your vision is for the future of your product or service, and explain your unique problems and concerns: we will work hard to give you the answers that you need to succeed. 

Our call center professionals can bring you multiple options for staying in touch with your customer base. A human element is a huge plus when bringing a sense of the personal touch to clients and customers of most industries. Our customer service experts will design the best way to keep in touch with your clientele.

Our software and web developers work hand in hand with our graphic artists, and they are ready and waiting to make your company’s digital interface as vibrant and interactive as possible. Using compelling visuals and tech-forward web design, your website will provide a safe and exciting platform to sell your product or service to your client base.

The back-office support team has many years of knowledge under their belts for providing data entry challenges to your business. By providing concise and organized order management and other data entry challenges, they work day and night to keep the flow of your company going at the pace you need. 

Expect To Pay Less Than Traditional Business Solutions

AwesomeOS prides itself in providing simplified outsourcing for your business. There are never any hidden costs or annual contract fees. We can provide you outsourcing personnel for your web design and content production, call center personnel, 24/7 email, live chat, SMS, and social networking interfacing, graphic arts needs, administrative professionals for data entry, crisis management, order entry, and QA, and web development for your evolving needs in e-commerce. 

Call Us Today

We set ourselves apart from the pack as a new-school way to provide content moderation and customer service. 

Please contact us today so we can discuss the ways that we can bring you fresh, new ideas for your company. We always value your company culture, and we hold your needs first and foremost in the big picture of making your business all it can be in thriving e-commerce centered global marketplace.

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