What to Do If Acne Does Not Go Away

What to Do If Acne Does Not Go Away

Negosentro.com | What to Do If Acne Does Not Go Away | Acnes are common, especially during teenagerhood, and are almost perceived as a rite of passage. However, acne can persist into adulthood which becomes problematic and can affect your confidence and self-esteem, affecting your overall life’s quality. Fortunately, dermatologists can help you manage the condition and keep your skin healthy and smooth. You might have tried several things to get rid of the acne, but they still show on your skin, and all you need is maybe some changes or advice from the experts to do everything right. The next piece of advice can help you deal with acne more effectively.

Be Patient

Some people try different acne management options without waiting before they can try another, reducing the effectiveness of the treatments and can lead to other complications. Generally, give an acne treatment at least four weeks to deliver results or advise your provider. If the treatment works for you, you should see improvements in about 4-6 weeks, but it can take longer to see a clearing. But noticing improvements should encourage you to keep on using the treatment until you get better results. It would be good to use the treatment even after you experience clearing to prevent future breakouts.

Manage Different Causes

Several factors contribute to acne, and managing the cause can be a great way to manage the condition. However, most treatments focus on specific reasons and may not be practical due to other causes. Therefore, try to understand your risk factors and why your acne won’t go away to know how to address the cause. Where possible, try different techniques altogether to handle other acne causes. Generally, if one treatment targeting a particular reason is ineffective, let the next treatment focus on another cause.

Follow Directions Strictly

Although some acne treatment options may seem so straightforward, it is crucial to avoid any mistakes as they can make a huge difference. Therefore, follow the instructions strictly, mainly considering how much you use and how often you should use it. Would you please consult your doctor for further advice and follow their instructions when they have created your treatment plan?

Wash Your Face Carefully

Your acne-prone skin is sensitive and can be irritated easily, and the acne is made worse even with simple routine care practices such as washing. Generally, it is advisable you wash your face at most twice a day and extra if you sweat. Overdoing it can irritate your skin and worsen your condition. Only wash your face when you have a sweaty face, you wake up, and you are ready to go to bed.

Keep Off Your Acne

Although you might feel the urge to touch, pop, or pick your acne, please resist it. This might look like the fastest way to eliminate it, but it only makes the condition worse. Note that every time you touch or pick the acne, you make it worse. Also, if you feel like your skin is grimy, dirty, or greasy, do not scrub it even if you are tempted. It can irritate your acne-prone skin and make the acne worse.

Seek a dermatologist’s help if your acne won’t go away no matter all the efforts you have put in place. Reach out to a Dermatologist today, and ask for a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs. Remember that your skin is impressive and may respond differently to different treatments. But with expert care, you will find a suitable option for your skin.

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