What Should I Expect from an In-Home Estimate with Stanek Windows?

Stanek Windows

Installing windows and doors is not a strenuous task if you collaborate with a skilled team of professionals. They can make the task of reframing your windows more of a fun task. We at Stanek  Windows try to provide complete support to our customers by understanding their requirements. A professional visits your home and you can put forth every essential element that you are looking forward to building in your new window setup. 

There are factors related to better ventilation, energy efficiency and your budget. We provide customized and tailored windows and doors to best fir your house architecture. We provide you financing plans that can curb your budget issues to a great extent. You can tell us about your main concerns with the existing windows and we can serve you better.

The work structure and culture has been discussed below:-

Check our Samples and Decide

  • Vinyl Replacement Windows 

When our trained professionals at Stanek Windows visit you for consultation they will show the product samples. This will help you to see the quality of our product. You will be able to look at the difference between the old windows and our material. The reinforcing of the sashes and corner-cutting is compared with your pre-existing windows. Our vinyl windows are made up of fully furnished FIBER MAX frames with reinforced sashes. This removes your tension of sagging windows. Because we provide durable replacement windows with better strength and structural integrity.

  • Glass Demos

It is a better option to first assess the issues of the existing windows and then decide what would be a better future option. At Stanek Windows, we compare your windows with our samples in order to find the difference in their results. The glass panes that we provide are available in a large variety. You can check their performance beforehand. We provide a complete knowledge of the customization options available in terms of colors, sizes, and material. This way you get to choose what fits best to your home. 

A Depth into What we Produce

The involvement of a middleman is found to be persistent in most of the product services that you require to get with from time to time. At Stanek Windows, we wanted to eliminate this issue as well. The windows that we produce undergo independent testing and the results are amazing. In your in-home estimate, we cover a guarantee, installation, service, design customization.

The factors helping us in leveraging our performance include:

  • Structural reinforcement with FIBER MAX
  • Multiple Bulb seals
  • Triple weather seals providing a better draft protection
  • FlEXSCREEN Technology that allows you to clean your screen easily by removing your screen

Our Custom Options are highlighted below:

  • Multiple Hardware Options- The hardware of your window would match with the interior house decor. We provide a wide spectrum ranging from standard white to Satin nickel.
  • Color your Exterior and Interior in Accordance with your Architecture- With four different woodgrain finishes, we also provide six different options for the interior color. There are 8 exterior coloring options but if you have something in your might we’ll customize for you.
  • Get a Real Wood-look- Our vinyl woodgrains provide a real wood essence. You don’t need to maintain them like wood windows. They provide great energy efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient Window Screens- We decrease the cooling and heating costs and also provide a variety of quality glasses. Double pane glass, COMFORT GARD PLUS, COMFORT GARD Xtreme Triple are different types of glasses available for providing better energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Glass Detailing- We provide tempered glasses that take care of your security. You get a variety of customized patterns like the ones etched with frosted leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Grills and Grids- We provide a variety of grid patterns and two grills along with 22 color combinations. Our grids and grills provide a distinctive look to your home.


You can let us review each and every corner where the installation needs to be done. This way we can give you a proper estimate and idea of the work that has to be done. Our company provides customization options. This helps us in serving you with what you are expecting with an added essence of our perfections.

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