What is the Difference between Garden Windows & Bay Windows?

Bay Windows

Windows are a beautiful part of the home which maintains privacy at its best. Are you looking for a replacement of your window in the house, but you don’t know which type of windows and doors are best? Choosing a proper window for your home is pivotal, especially when you are looking for something as per your budget and even maintaining a local décor to it. Choosing the right design or style truly depends on the ambience and even enhances the overall look. 

The unique features of the different types of windows must be known to you before you are opting for something exceptional. Considering the factors of the bay windows or the garden windows the use of them in the right place is effective.  Here are certain guidelines which will help you to choose the right window for your home.   

Garden window

A garden window is the most beautiful windows that are designed to create a nook for the plants, herbs and other small green decorations in the house. It is majorly placed where the garden is directly in view to the person seeing through it.  This is ideal for the ones who are making the meal in a rush and use freshly grown herbs in good as well.  The major benefits of using such a garden window, the green thumb is majorly looking for nature inside the home. A garden inside or in front of you will not only enhance the beauty of the room but also offers additional natural benefits. A garden window is often used for ventilation. The three-window configuration creates a lot of gentle breeze throughout the home and maintains freshness intact. Plenty of sunlight is welcomed, this reduces the energy usage and minimal light or electricity usage is required in the day time. 

Bay window

A bay window is placed generally at the central window. It is flanked by two venting windows on both sides. The central window is basically placed typically to suit the wall and the venting windows are diagonally angled to give it a nice look altogether. The bay window looks amazing when viewed from outside.  It is often placed in the living room for creating an aura of sophistication all over. With a bay window, you can have a mesmerizing view of the surroundings have an amazing garden. Bay windows are very beneficial for the displaying of the live flowers and even at Christmas. 

What is the difference between the garden and the bay windows?

Both the windows are actually very similar to each other, although, their outlook is different.  One of the biggest factors that can differentiate the two is the installation process. If you are looking to replace a kitchen window go for a garden window. If you are looking for a living room window, go for a bay window styles.  

If you wish to add a focal point in your room by adding a usable space, then bay windows are actually great option for you, whereas, the garden windows are great for functional spaces with enough space and plants for a vintage beauty. 

Budget is one of the factors while opting for these two windows. Although, bay window costs around $1000 to $2000, whereas, a garden window is $2000 to $4000 depending on the size you are installing. 

No matter whichever windows you choose both will add amazing beauty to your interior and exterior. With more sunlight introduced and achievable space inside your home will look spacious and happier like never before.  Choose as per your taste and interior wisely!


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