What to Expect after Filing a Bad Drug Lawsuit?

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Negosentro.com | What should you expect after filing a bad drug lawsuit? | The medical sciences have evolved and improved tremendously over the past few decades. From finding curses and vaccines for deadly infections to enhancing the quality of life, there are numerous instances of medical achievements.

When we fall are infected with any disease or suffering from a medical condition, we rely on pharmaceutical drugs for remedy. But, sometimes these drugs aggravate the problem instead of alleviating it. And it is mostly because some pharmaceutical companies didn’t consider it worth doing the due diligence.

There are several cases and class action lawsuits filed against such companies across the world. With patients and families fighting to get these companies to answer for their mistakes and to ensure that they keep up with the standards, people trust them with. If you have been a victim of a bad drug or have filed a personal injury lawsuit against such a company, here’s what you should expect next.

  1.     Interrogations, depositions and inspections

The first phase of any lawsuit is the discovery and is one of the most crucial ones. During discovery, all involved side (plaintiff and defendants) share facts, documents and proofs with each other. And these are often complemented with interrogations and depositions. This stage can be called a fact-finding stage and is crucial to lay the groundwork for the case.

  1.     Settlements and motions

After the groundwork, both sides of the case submit their motions and pleas with the court. Alongside, there are settlement discussions. Facing lawsuits and bad publicity is bad for the pharmaceutical and they often look for ways to settle the matter outside the court. Getting a settlement offer doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is taking responsibility. So, you should discuss your plan and weigh your options with your lawyer, before accepting or declining the offer.

  1.     Long and stressful trials

Trials are the most uncertain and stressful part of the lawsuit. You would be subjected to cross-questioning, justify your claims and present your side to the jury. You, as a plaintiff need to put forward your story and explain how and why the drug has caused you side-effects and personal injury. On the contrary, the representatives and lawyers from the drug company would try to prove otherwise and deny your claims. These trials are unpredictable and can takes days to weeks to come to a verdict.

  1.     Win or lose

Based on the arguments and outcome of the trail, the jury comes to a verdict. This verdict decides if the drug company is accountable for producing a bad drug, or the side-effects were due to the bad processes of the pharmaceutical. If that is the case, the company can be obligated to pay for the damages and other forms of compensation. However, if the jury doesn’t see any issue with the drug, you would lose the lawsuit.

Fighting a bad-drug lawsuit can be extremely stressful and daunting. Apart from dealing with the emotional and physical toll of your medical condition, you have to handle the exhausting lawsuit. The Truvada lawsuit is one such important bad-drug lawsuit where the patient suffering from HIV had to deal with the medical side-effects of the drug. If you or someone you know has been wronged and suffered damages, consult our expert personal injury lawyers at TorHoerman Law and get the justice you deserve. 

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