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Preparing the Truck Accident claim:

Truckers are the drivers most exposed to traffic accidents, filing a claim for compensation is a critical part of the paperwork after an accident in which the truck driver is not the cause of the incident. Although it is more convenient that our  law firm Zehl & Associates can prepare these claims with the help of experienced truck accident attorney, it is possible to file a personal injury claim.

Check the policy

It is possible that the insurance policy covers this type of service (that of preparing the claim by a legal adviser) or that it may even force the insurer to prepare the claim. Therefore, before drafting or ordering it, it is advisable to check the insurance contracted benefits. Whether this coverage is available or not, the affected driver must complete the claim with the request for compensation for the truck’s stoppage, that is, for the adverse economic effects that for him not being able to use his vehicle job.

Truck Accident – What factors does the claim must contain

Every claim must begin with the account of the events that led to the traffic accident, detailing the exact speed at which the truck was circulating. If this information is available, that of the vehicle causing the accident. Incident. The data referring to the day, time, and exact location of the accident and the technical and official details of the affected vehicle, must also be added. The opposing vehicle’s data must also be included, to whose insurer we will send the claim so that they can pay the corresponding compensation or demand it from their client.

After this first part, the rest of the letter must record the economic impact of the accident. For this, all the days that the truck is disabled will be detailed. This information will only be valid if it is issued or accredited by the workshop or a qualified mechanic who has taken over the vehicle’s repair. This detail is not trivial since the initial expert report usually makes an estimated calculation of the days of leave that does not correspond to the real one, so the compensation will be less. Generally, this report is expressly requested from the workshop (it is not issued by default).

Income assessment and presentation

The core of the claim is the itemized amount of the requested financial compensation. Here, the daily income that has not been received will be detailed, adding, if applicable, any other economic loss derived from sick leave, such as the cancellation of a commercial contract. It is also recommended to send a report from a registered association of carriers that corroborates the figures included in the economic request, which will give more strength to the allegation and increase the legal validity of the claim. Taxes and insurance cannot be subject to compensation.

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