What Scandinavian Fashion Is All About

What Scandinavian Fashion Is All About

What Scandinavian Fashion Is All About | Scandinavian design has taken center stage in almost all areas under the design industry. It takes form in minimalist and functional household goods, furniture, and even electronics. You can find it in lamps, ceramics, glass, and textile too. Fashion designers have adapted the style and produced chic and sophisticated clothing that the world came to love and wear. 

Australian fashionistas are never late on trends, especially for classic fits and timeless designs from these Nordic artists. You’re probably researching “cecilie copenhagen” and other Nordic brands to get effortlessly chic on your next hang-out. 

Copenhagen on the spot

When it comes to Scandinavian fashion, the most influential city would be Copenhagen. Besides the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, the Copenhagen Fashion Week has recently generated all the buzz in the fashion industry. Why wouldn’t it when the design style completely answers the modern problems of Aussie fashionistas? 

Scandinavian style is rooted in comfort, practicality, and simplicity with an edge. From its original applications, which are furniture, designers prioritize clean and classic lines. Patterns are uncluttered, and colors are light in the eye. Products are built to meet and exceed their functions. Scandinavian fashion does not stray far away. Fashion experts define the style as laid-back, uncomplicated, yet sophisticated and elegant. It is a perfect blend of contradictions and the best way to stay fashionable in an increasingly busy world. 

As the Nordic’s fashion capital, many designers launched their brands in the city. They have put unique spins to the design style. For instance, you can look up “cecilie copenhagen,” and you’ll find timeless pieces with some keffiyeh influence. The Danish brand features bright colors and geometric prints bordered by clean lines and cuts. Other brands infuse bohemian accents to their dresses for a hippy look, while some experiment with floral prints. Nonetheless, you can see encompassing characters that distinguish Scandivaian design from others. 

Neutral Colors

Copenhagen might be well-known for blue-and-white dinnerware, but Nordic designers dabble with some more colors. White, black, greys, and browns are staples in Scandinavian pieces. These colors are fundamentals to create calm and clean looks. As they go well with any color, they are often complemented with other brighter colors for accents. 

Playful Patterns

Scandi style may have established the basics but is not limited to it. Some designs are bold and colorful too. Unique patterns are blended with structured forms to create an eye-catching look. Aside from patterns, Nordic designs incorporate a lot of warm textiles like wool and sheepskins. 

Mix and Match

Layering is one major aspect of Scandinavian clothing because of the cold weather in the Nordic countries. Also, layers add complexity and depth to the individual minimalist pieces. You can pair a plain top with a simple textured coat or a patterned dress with a solid color blazer. With basic staples, you can have many different combinations for a specific event, depending on the season or according to your mood.

High-quality Clothing

Functionality is a primary aspect of Scandinavian design as a whole, including fashion. Designers are mindful of the quality of their materials to create a long-lasting product. They are not just after a designer look, but the comfort it brings to its users. Scandinavian fashion pieces are designed to look timeless. They are multipurpose, made for repetition, and mix and match. Thus, clothes are made of high-quality textiles and age well.

Overall, Scandinavian fashion is about effortless styling. Whether it is a monochromatic ensemble or a piece with lively prints, comfort and function should still be at its core. You may already have a few pieces that fit the Scandi style criteria. If you want to build a whole wardrobe, check out new releases from Scandinavian designers.

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