What Risks Does the Use of Instagram Involve and How can FamilyTime App Help?

FamilyTime App

Negosentro.com | The fashion applications of mobile devices connected to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, change and evolve at great speed. During the past year the use of Instagram has grown enormously, a social network based on the sending of images that has become popular especially among the youngest. So, it is not surprising that some people wonder about the risks involved in this new version of social network. The risks are not very different from the usual ones in other networks, but let’s review the most directly associated ones.

  • Geo-positioning: in this social network, we can upload all our images with exact location and the rest of users can place them on a map. Anyone can find out a lot of information about our frequented places and customs and could misuse it. It is advisable to avoid this option in general. In addition, Instagram does not remove the metadata from the photos that are uploaded, which would allow those who have sufficient knowledge to know the places where the photos were taken even if the author believes that he has not published such information. The way to avoid it is to configure the camera of the mobile so that it does not store the geographical location in each photo.
  • Sexting: for being a network based on images and videos and also being able to make personal mailings, the temptation to experiment with sexting is probably greater. Of course it is not an intrinsic risk to this social network, but at least it is equally present that in any other that allows the sending of photos and today, unfortunately, it is a widespread practice.
  • Cyberbullying: also Cyberbullying or Cyberbullying can be produced easily, because public photos with offensive images towards someone are often used to harass and mock the victims, where in addition, anyone can write messages associated with the image.
  • Links to malicious sites: the accounts in their profiles may have associated links to malicious pages, either because they download some type of malware or because they simulate being other trusted (phishing).
  • False applications: another associated risk is the possibility of installing the application from an unofficial page, being really a malware. We must install the application always from the official stores of our operating system to make sure that it is the real one and not a false one with bad intentions, like stealing our personal data.
  • Loss of privacy: the publication of photos with personal details, such as our friends, places we frequent, children under age, details of our home, etc. They provide a lot of information to those who are looking for information to harm us or perhaps others who appear in our images. You have to think seriously about privacy and the consequences on security before publishing. Profiles, especially of minors, must be configured as private.
  • Excessive use of data: finally, remember that images are files with high data content; therefore, an exaggerated use of this social network will quickly consume the flat data rate of our mobile. The consumption of data counts, whether we upload photos or download them to see them.

FamilyTime app – the key tool  protect kids:

familytime appAt present, it is difficult to prevent children and adolescents from using social networks, because it is part of society and information technology. So parents should supervise their use with specialized parental applications such as FamilyTime app. With the app, parents can see what apps their kids use and for how long.

Not only this, theiy can limit their use, blacklist apps and schedule auto screen lokcs too. There are many other valuable features that the app offers.

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