What Job Roles Can an Oil and Gas Recruiter Help You Fill?

What Job Roles Can an Oil and Gas Recruiter

What Job Roles Can an Oil and Gas Recruiter Help You Fill? | Hiring people to work in the oil and gas industry isn’t quite the same as hiring people to work in other sectors. The candidates for these jobs need to understand the importance of keeping up with the world’s energy consumption and possess the skills to be able to do that. Among other things, they need to be able to problem-solve, maintain a working knowledge of the petroleum industry, have technical product and service knowledge, and work toward making improvements in processing and delivery methods.

The demand for specialists can vary depending on the actual prices of natural gas and oil themselves. When petroleum companies are making the highest profits, they are able to hire more professionals who can help discover resources and bring them to market. There are specialists, such as oil and gas recruiter denver and those in other cities, who can help you locate the best candidates for your job openings, but which roles specifically can they provide potential employees for?

Oil and Gas Engineering

Engineers play vital roles in designing and developing programs and creating vital processes and systems. You need top tier candidates who can effectively work in the following areas:

  •       Drilling
  •       Mining
  •       Automation
  •       Project Engineering
  •       Pipeline Technologies
  •       Chemical Engineering
  •       Processes Engineering
  •       Pipeline Project Management
  •       Engineering Analysis

Oil and Gas Sciences

Scientists are essential to help your company develop new strategies and technologies, but not just any scientists will do. Scientists who work in the petroleum industry must specialize in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, and analytic chemistry. They are needed to fill these vacancies:

  •       Geological Modeling
  •       Wellsite Geologist
  •       Climate Analyst
  •       Geochemist
  •       Geoscientist
  •       Research Analyst
  •       Data Scientist
  •       Data Engineer
  •       Analytics and Data Science Specialist

These chemists work in labs primarily but may also work in the refinery itself or locate and collect field samples. They also work with other professionals including physicists, lawyers, economists, and chemical engineers.

Sales and Marketing

The petroleum industry is in need of professionals who can not only promote services to potential customers, they must understand the technical aspects of their products and be able to explain those to potential clients. These marketing aces fill these slots on your team:

  •       Sales Representative
  •       Sales Engineer
  •       Digital Marketing Specialist
  •       Business Development Specialist
  •       Project Manager
  •       Oil and Gas Sales Manager
  •       Oil and Gas Sales Executive
  •       Strategic Marketing Leader
  •       Field Supervisor

Industry Veterans

There are some vacancies on your team that can only be filled by the most skilled, experienced, and trusted people in the petroleum industry. Their years of experience and unique insights qualify them for the highest-level positions, such as:

  •       Director of Sales and Marketing
  •       Director of Gas Operations
  •       Global Engineering Director
  •       Area Operations Manager
  •       Treasury Manager
  •       Logistics Supervisor

Petroleum companies aren’t just working to provide products to the general public. They are also concerned about the impact their processes have on the environment. They are seeking new ways to minimize effects on the world around us and to find safer, cleaner, more efficient products and processes. The professionals they hire must also work toward that vision.

Natural gas and oil located inside the Earth are highly valued and necessary as fuel and for use in commercial products. Being able to locate, extract, and put these materials to work requires the collaboration of specialties including geology, math, physics, chemistry, and engineering. You can’t afford to waste time or effort in the search for job candidates who can keep your company on the forefront of exploration and development of petroleum products.

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