10 Summer Company Activities To Try

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Negosentro | 10 Summer Company Activities To Try | When summer comes along, you may want to start doing company activities. This can improve morale amongst employees, not to mention serve as a needed break. If you’re looking for ideas, here are ten summer company activities to try.

1. Have a House Party

If you’re looking for a company activity that’s easy to set up, this option might be perfect for you. Simply find a willing host, preferably a higher-up in the company, and set a date. When looking for a host, you may want to find someone with a pool. If you’ve been planning on installing one, this could be the perfect time to look up “pool builders near me“. The last element you’ll need is food. Be sure to check for allergies before making a spread!

2. Try Beach Volleyball

Taking a company trip to the beach is often a lot of fun, especially during summer. You can make the experience even more enjoyable by playing beach volleyball. While the game isn’t the easiest to play, especially if your office is devoid of volleyball players, it rarely fails to be entertaining. Just be sure to avoid getting injuries!

3. Play Basketball

Another sport that’s great to play in the summer is basketball. Although baseball is a classic summer game, it might get way too hot to play outside. If this is the case, you can try an indoor game of basketball. Be sure to get the net lowered, especially if your office is filled with short individuals. 

4. Take a Hike

Hiking may not be fun for everyone, but it’s certainly a team building adventure. In order to stay safe, be sure to find a trail that’s relatively easy to get through. You should also talk to everyone beforehand. Make certain that your employees know to wear appropriate clothes, bring water and use sunscreen.

5. Go to a Park

Sometimes, simply being outside in the summer is enough for an outing. Therefore, you may just want to visit a nearby park. If you’d like to make the activity more special, look for a park with special events or interesting sites. You could also offer to buy everyone food. Bring along some frisbees and enjoy the sun!

6. Hire Food Trucks

Food trucks are a phenomenon that rarely fails to please. The restaurants on wheels often carry delicious food, and the trucks are usually adorable! When picking trucks, it’s smart to get a variety of options. Be sure to hire at least one vegan or vegetarian truck, along with dessert and beverage ones. 

7. Try Paintball

As an adult, you may find yourself missing laser tag sometimes. Fortunately, there’s a more intense version of laser tag you can try – paintball. This game basically involves shooting paint at an opposing team. As long as everyone stays calm and remains rational, your workers can experience a fun exercise in collaboration.

8. Watch an Outdoor Show

While shows are generally enjoyed in a theater, summer productions are often presented outside. This can result in a more laid-back experience, complete with picnics and audience interaction. Therefore, your employees might have a lot of fun at such an event! Encourage everyone to bring a meal and some extra blankets.

9. Go on a Road Trip

When you picture a road trip, you probably envision yourself driving with your family and friends. However, having an office road trip can be enjoyable as well! Rent a bus and go sightseeing nearby. You may want to stop at various landmarks or food stands along the way, especially if the trip will last all day.

10. Do Yoga

Yoga can be very invigorating and calming to perform. Ergo, it’s the perfect activity to do in an office environment. It can also be done anywhere you’d like. You don’t even need to leave the building! In order to set it up, you’ll have to get a teacher, some mats and a playlist of calming music.

If you don’t know which activity to pick, you can always ask your employees for opinions. Whatever you choose, be sure to have some fun in the sun!

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