What is the Difference between High Efficiency and Regular Detergent?

High Efficiency Detergent

Negosentro.com | What is the Difference between High Efficiency and Regular Detergent? | Regular detergents are used in regular washing machines. High efficiency detergent or High quality Efficiency Detergent are used in high efficiency washers. It’s anything but a smart thought to utilize ordinary cleanser in a HE types washer.

Regular Detergent

In regular washing machines, clothes are immersed in water to clean it. Regular detergents are made to produce a lot of foam. They also cling to stains and soil so that they do not re-deposit in clothing. Regular detergents are formulated to work with a large volume of water.

HE Detergent

Because HE washers use less water, HE detergents are specially manufactured to work well with less or less water cycles. They have components that capture dirt to achieve a better cleaning performance with just a fraction of the amount of water used in traditional washing machines. They cling to the earth and the dyes achieving a better cleaning. They also produce less foam. If Efficiency Detergent is not used, you will have problems using a regular detergent.

Regular Detergents in HE Washing Machines

If you use regular detergent in your HE efficiency detergent washer, it can cause problems with the machine. A lot of foam can cause it to overflow. You should not use regular detergent because a lot of foam does not help the clothes to be cleaned so much and you may have problems with the overflows. Regular detergent may interfere with the washer sensors and cause delays or extension in the wash cycles. In addition, soap residues can accumulate.


On the off chance that you have a customary clothes washer utilize standard cleanser. On the off chance that you have a HE washer, use HE cleanser to accomplish ideal washing.

Liquid or Powder Detergent: Uses for Each

The way you wash your clothes has changed in recent years. Each time there are more specialized products that save a lot of time and effort. However, one of the basic products is detergent. But the use of the right one, not only will provide the optimum results in cleaning but can also make a difference to keep the garments in good condition. So, what type of detergent should be used? For which garments is liquid detergent used?The answer takes into account two factors: the type of fabric or material and the type of stains.

Type of Clothing

For white clothes or garments made with more resistant materials, powder detergent is undoubtedly the ideal. This is not recommended for washing delicate or colored clothes. It is interesting to know that if this type of detergent is used with high temperature water; It will react as a bleach.

Delicate clothes, dark or colored, need a liquid detergent because it is softer. This dissolves quickly in the water, which prevents traces of soap from being left on the clothes. When using this detergent, it should be washed with water at a low temperature, precisely because it does not need to dissolve. In addition, the liquid detergent is recommended more for washing babies’ clothes, the reason is that it leaves no residue on the clothes and therefore is unlikely to irritate your skin.

Type of Spots

If you want to eliminate traces of dirt, grass and dust; The best option is to use powder detergent. The reason is because thanks to the friction of the washing machine or else, the hand scrubbing action with this type of detergent causes the thick particles of the soap to push the dirt from the fabric.

If the problem is spots of sauces, makeup, wine or oil; It is best to use liquid detergent. This, when mixed easily with water, penetrates the fibers of the clothes more efficiently. Even the liquid detergent is ideal for treating stains before washing in the machine.

While it may sound like a marketing strategy, there are strong reasons to use only HE detergents in high efficiency washers. And if you’re wondering why manufacturers are concentrating detergents, you can read about the benefits of these ‘green’ initiatives. While they may be difficult to find, there are some HE detergents that are specially formulated to wash baby’s clothes.

What is the best Detergent in use?

When buying laundry products there are different detergent formats that promise that our clothes will be clean and fresh. Previously the options were limited to the famous powder detergent boxes. However, you can now find liquid detergent, powder or tablet, in a wide variety. Nowadays liquid and powder detergents can be used interchangeably with almost any temperature because they are formulated with high efficiency. But you may wonder: what detergent suits me best?

We help you decide which Detergent is Best for you: Powder or Liquid?

Advantages of Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergents have become the most popular detergent format, to the point that they have gained ground in the powder format. They are easy to use, they are well distributed in the water and have a great variety of aromas, with exclusive fragrances selected by expert perfumers. But like all products they have their lots of advantages.

Among the advantages, it should be noted:

  • They are perfect for pretreatment of stains and cleaning of stains in general.
  • It will more easily penetrate the fibers of the fabric to help release the stain.
  • They are cheaper compared to detergent tablets.

Advantages Powder Detergent

  • Lower cost per wash load compared to any type of laundry detergent.
  • It is a progressively powerful cleanser for zones where there is hard water. This is because of added substances that are progressively steady and effectively incorporated into powdered recipes.
  • Powder detergent formulas are more stable than liquid ones. That is, they work well with treatment products for difficult stains, such as grass and mud.
  • In general, the carton of powdered detergent is recyclable (and recycled) and more environmentally friendly.

In general, knowing which efficiency detergent is best we are welcome to Aguideproduct.com, also it will depend on the needs and demands you have as a consumer. Thus, knowing its advantages will help you make the right decision when you go to choose yours.

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