What Is an Explainer Video and How Can It Help Your Business?

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An explainer video is an extremely valuable tool for any business that allows you to explain a business idea to your customers. It has to be simple, short, and very compelling to ensure that it motivates the viewers to do business with your brand. Short, informative, and attention-grabbing are three main features of a good video that explains what your company is all about.

Why You Should Use an Explainer Video for Your Business?

According to data from HubSpot the average person today watches about 1.5 hours of video daily. This number has been consistently growing over the last few years and it shows no sign of stopping. As over 70% of people have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video, you should see how a professionally produced explainer video can give your business a huge boost. Due to the nature of such clips, it can make your brand stand out and thus increase your profits overall.

With the help of this tool, you can make customers understand your brand’s mission and therefore emphasize with it. People need to see exactly how your products\services can help make their lives better. That’s what an explainer video should do.

And the reason to use a clip instead of a detailed article to present your business like this is that video format is much easier to process. Of course, you can have a detailed mission statement explained in 1,000 plus words for those who will take the time to learn about your business in detail. However, the majority of people today have neither time nor desire to spend more than 10 minutes reading a solid body of text. A 2-minute video with simple concepts illustrated by even simpler animations is sure to be much more compelling. The video production company should make it fun and memorable. This way it will have dozens of times more impact on customers than any article.

Remember that an explainer video is a versatile tool that you can use on different channels. You should post it on your landing page as well as social media pages. You can also use it during conferences or even as a part of a business presentation. This means that a professional explainer video is a wise investment that is sure to pay off over time.

How do you make your Explainer Video effective?

A top-quality explainer video has to be:

  • Concise.
    Your video must pack the maximum of information into the minimum of time. Don’t elaborate on it, simply present the main points. Add a link to a detailed explanation in the video description.
  • Simple.
    The simplicity of the ideas and images you choose is essential for making the video easy to understand and memorize. The viewer has to be able to understand your message clearly when watching the clip.
  • Audience-oriented.
    Your video must use images, concepts, and even words suitable for your target audience. Create something these people can identify with and will want to share.
  • Creative.
    To be memorable and make your brand stand out, your explainer video should be original and creative. Animated explainer videos should use fun and unique characters. Consider making them a part of your brand design. This will help you connect better with the audience.

As an explainer video is a type of visual marketing, the rules of color psychology apply to it as well. The same goes for the rule of quality. This video is the ‘face’ of your business for many prospective customers. Therefore, it has to be superb to show off your professionalism and hint at the quality of your products/services.

Be sure to study examples of great explainer videos from popular brands for inspiration. But don’t forget that the video has to be a unique representation of your business. This means you have to be original in its design.

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