5 Christmas Party Ideas for Small Companies in Metro Manila

Christmas Party

The Christmas season starts early in the Philippines. As soon as it turns September, everyone starts to get excited about the company Christmas party. This event, after all, is the perfect way to end a work day before the holidays, have fun, and get to know your co-workers a little bit more. However, it will be Christmas party season, so your company Christmas party should be unique enough to make it stand out from the rest. You don’t have to be a huge corporation to throw a huge and fancy bash; here are a list of fun Christmas party ideas for smaller companies based in Metro Manila:

  • Throw a Hotel Party

This may sound too extravagant for your company’s budget, but several hotels such as The Legend Villas offer fantastic Christmas party packages that won’t break the bank. This affordable business hotel in Mandaluyong offers a hearty Salu-Salo Package that includes a variety of plated and buffet meal plans, event set-up, and even raffle prizes for companies with 25-100 employees. Employees can enjoy the ambience of the hotel and its facilities and even opt to book an overnight stay in one of the rooms if the party goes well beyond bedtime. If your team is musically inclined, you can also hold a karaoke party complete with food and drinks by booking the hotel’s Musikantahan Karaoke Package.

  • Hold a Creative Office Buffet

Christmas buffets are great, but truth be told, it isn’t any different from the other great buffets you’ve had in the office during other special events or birthdays. Amp up the buffet potential by mixing things up a little and maybe even providing a theme. It could be a simple potluck—but everybody has to bring their favorite Christmas specialty. You could open a European Christmas-style buffet, with platters of cheese and ham spread out and everyone has to come in a Christmas costume, or you could open a creamery-style buffet with a selection of ice cream, toppings, and pastries! The possibilities are endless.

  • Volunteer as a Group

To celebrate the true holiday spirit, you could volunteer as an office instead, especially if you’re a small group of employees. There are many non-profit organizations in Manila that would greatly appreciate the help and the welcome enjoyment of a party and new friends. Hold a potluck in a shelter, throw a party for senior citizens, host a children’s party replete with games and gifts at an orphanage, or host an adoption party at an animal shelter. The feeling of having helped and made others happy is a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Celebrate Outside…in Full Costume!

Take your team out to eat at a restaurant, go ice skating, play bowling, or sing karaoke, but the catch is that everyone has to come dressed in a costume! You can set your own themes, whether they be superheroes, Santa’s elves (with the top boss required to come as Santa), their favorite cartoon character, or even as gift boxes themselves. It will be liberating and enjoyable to share mild embarrassment as a group!

  • Throw a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to end a work year, but it requires a little planning: with a couple of co-workers in charge of party planning, buy some prizes or gift cards in advance and hide them in strategic spots all around the office after everyone has gone home. The next day, you can either reveal this to them or put together an entire storyline—as simple or as complicated as you can come up with— to shake things up a little bit. A lucky winner gets the grand prize at the end!

You don’t need a lot to throw a great holiday party, just creativity and your holiday cheer. Which of these ideas will your team enjoy best?

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