What Are Five Good Proofreading Techniques?

What Are Five Good Proofreading Techniques?
Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Negosentro | What Are Five Good Proofreading Techniques? | No one is immune to a mistake when writing a text, even if you know perfectly the spelling rules that govern your language. That’s why proofreading is at least as important as writing itself in creating content. But how to reread without missing the slightest mistake? Here are the five tips that will help you do effective proofreading.

Use an Online Spell Checker

This is the basis for good proofreading. Without an essay proofreading service, you may miss many mistakes. It will be better if an automatic corrector offered by Google Docs, Word, or Outlook highlights your mistakes. But these autocorrect services have their limit. In particular, they are not very good in terms of grammatical correction.

Re-read Upside Down

At first glance, this advice may seem counterintuitive. However, rereading a text starting with the last sentence (and gradually going back to the first) allows you to look at the content with a new eye, with more objectivity, so to speak.

Indeed, reading “backward” will force you to redouble your concentration and help you identify possible errors more easily. You can also notice:

  • overused words
  • poorly worded sentences
  • paragraphs that are too heavy

This technique is particularly useful when you are forced to reread “hotly” immediately after writing a text.

Do Not Directly Reread Its Content

Re-reading content directly after writing it can be dangerous. Take the time to breathe and clear your mind to come back fresh, with more hindsight. For maximum efficiency, we recommend that you stay away from the content for 24 hours before reviewing the document.

Pay Attention to the Formatting of the Text

Finally, pay particular attention to the passages you have highlighted in the body of the text, that is to say, the words in bold or italics and also hyperlinks (which often stand out by their blue color).

Formatting allows you to establish a hierarchy between different passages of the text, so make sure that the words you have bolded, for example, are bolded for a good reason.

Never Anticipate Proofreading

We have been reminding you how important it is to read again. However, there is time for everything, and it is essential that proofreading takes place well after the writing phase and not during it.

Some writers read what they create themselves even though they are still writing their drafts. This is a real mistake. On one hand, they waste valuable time and, therefore, reduce their productivity. On the other hand, such an approach interrupts them in their writing, and they may miss the development of certain ideas.

But remember that professional services like Essayedge Reviews can offer you comprehensive and thorough text proofreading. Specialists working on editing and proofreading papers can also give you valuable recommendations, such as to begin your proofreading work with the substance of the content and then finish with the form. Indeed, you can find new spelling mistakes following your changes. However, if you do not feel confident in your efforts, trust this task to those who will not give a chance to the slightest mistake.

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

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