What Are Competency Models And How Can They Help Your Company?

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Negosentro | What Are Competency Models And How Can They Help Your Company? | Everyone is expected to use their competencies. In general, competencies are skills, capabilities, abilities, and the knowledge of a working person to successfully perform or complete his daily goals and activities. A competency model is what makes up a set of competencies that a person must possess in a work environment so that his goal, job, occupation, or career is done correctly and treading on the right path. When creating a curriculum or when choosing the best training tools, competency models can be one’s guide. It can also be utilized to measure an employee’s performance quality, recruit and hire potential workers, ascertain licenses and certification requirements, and write job descriptions.

What is competency?

Competency is defined as one’s ability to utilize his knowledge, skills, and capabilities to productively accomplish his tasks while at work. It is also the foundation for one’s skill standards as it specifies a person’s level of knowledge, skill, and capability. The end goal is for the job, project, or work to be completed successfully and with that, the competency achievement is also measured accordingly.

What is a competency model?

A competency model is a guide which is established by the HR department of an organization which details what skills, knowledge, abilities, and behavioral needs are required of an employee to competently complete their job. It describes how a job is performed and accomplished within the firm individually. The competency model also details how the HR department will recruit and hire, manage their talented workers, train their employees, and also assess their performance.

What are the benefits of using a competency model for your company?

The Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM has concluded in their 2014 e-book titled “Competency Model” that 93% of 500 C-suite executives have explicitly expressed that competency models are relevant in the performance attainment of all firms. A competency model, however, must be systematically arranged and defined for it to produce a great performance success.

How does a company benefit from competency models?

A competency model created by the company’s Human Resource Department can produce a lot of benefits.

  1. The competency model becomes the ultimate guide of how workers or employees in an organization must perform. It is also clearly stated in a competency model how the strategies of an organization are to take place so that organizational goals are successfully attained. There is an alignment of both.
  2. It also becomes the guide for an HR staff to have that skill and ability understanding with regards to workers and employees.
  3. With the help of competency models, the HR staff will be able to create a training module for the employees to strengthen their knowledge and skills even more. It will accurately ascertain the Learning and Developmental Needs of a worker.
  4. The competency model will provide employees the ability to embrace their work role, feel confident about it, and own their skills and behaviors. With awareness, they can and will move towards the betterment of their jobs, and successfully do what is expected of them.
  5. It is one of the best tools to empower firms as they can keep track of how their employees perform. The staff responsible for the competency model, basically the HR Department, will witness the skills of their workers. With that, they can create strategic moves on how to increase such skills in the future for productivity.
  6. Performance evaluation regularly is necessary to ensure that the firm is productive and aligned with its daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals. The competency model will provide a fair system in measuring such performance evaluations.

There are core competencies, functional competencies, and leadership competencies. It can also be detailed like this when creating one:

  •       TITLE
  •       DEFINITION
  •       BEHAVIORS

Most often, organizations ask assistance from experts in creating competency models. Some firms provide such a service.

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