What all you need to know to prepare for class 9 maths olympiad

What all you need to know to prepare for class 9 maths olympiad
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Negosentro | What all you need to know to prepare for class 9 maths olympiad | Mathematics is the abstract study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, dimensions etc. From being one of the most tough subjects in the world to being the most involving and interesting subject ever. Suc is the curiosity for mathematics.A learned person in maths has advantages in day-to-day life as well. It’s unique to practical implications in routine life. Life seems unimaginable and chaotic without maths.

These are the reasons exams like Maths Olympiad are so sought after. Maths olympiad is conducted in two levels – 1 and 2.Students from all registered schools can give the exam.Students from class 1 to 12 can appear in the exam. Use of calculator during the exam is not allowed. These exams are meant to bring students from different schools and different boards on the same platform. It promotes more learning in the same subjects that are taught in class with a limited approach based on curriculum.

Maths olympiad is a highly competitive exam. Questions are based on NCERT syllabus foundation. But, questions in the Olympiad exams are trickier than in normal school exams. The Math Olympiad allows students to prepare for future competitive exams. Students’ problem-solving skills are improved, and they are challenged to think analytically.

The objective behind Olympiad is-

  • . To test your concepts– Since participants are from diverse educational backgrounds the stakes are very high as well.The exam is structured in accordance to the basics but to test in depth applied understanding of the concepts of the participants.
  •   Inculcate thinking outside the box- Only after experiencing the exam once one’s mind reacts to the understanding of advanced aspects of the concepts in maths.This is the deciding point where a student either dives into the core of the subject or rejects it as tough/inorganic.

For getting any information about exam pattern or details trust only the official sites.You can refer to frequently asked questions about maths olympiad as well.There is no minimum required marks criteria for the olympiad.The olympiad is a stage to evaluate oneself against the global talent.

This exam holds high value in participants’ life.One can even build an academic record of performance in the olympiad and get admissions into desired schools with ease.Therefore , the need to have a guide to crack the exam is relevant.  

  • It’s recommended to have at least a 3-hour per day routine to prepare for the exam.
  • Practice of a minimum of 15-20 hours per week is mandatory for a good score in the exam.
  • Weekly tests are a must. So, a six days a week routine needs to be maintained.
  • The seventh day can be kept to oneself to rest and relax.

Those who perform remarkably in the olympiad have a holistic approach towards the subject.Toppers understand the interactions of various sections of the subject with each other as well. Individual topic/sectional knowledge will help to get average score.But, to outperform majority one needs to be doing extra on every preparation opportunity.They indulge in intensive practice routine such as Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 9 Maths 2012 and many more.

An intensive practice routine is must at least 6-8 weeks prior to the exam.Only if you have invested sincere efforts into the mathematics subject you can gain the edge by preparing 2-3 months before exam date.

To share few to-do things list, it goes as,

  • Consistent efforts to develop mental reasoning, logical and analysing thinking by doing various practice questions.
  • Add variety to your preparation.Create an amalgamation of best offline and online resources.
  • Get updated information from the official website.
  • Must refer to study sources and books provided by the olympiad.
  • Certain concepts are repeated as well.So, research and read the previous year papers well.
  • Stay curious. (Especially about the typical concepts)
  • Maintain a positive outlook.
  • Can boost your initial sitting hours by studying in a group or pair.
  • Encourage others to keep yourself motivated.
  • Have weekly targets to achieve and stick to deadlines.
  •   Take inspiration from seniors, toppers and teachers.
  • Choose a mentor to help you navigate the preparation stage.
  • You will be success once you develop an affinity towards the technical aspects of the subject.
  • Give extra attention to sections like number systems and geometry as many High order thinking questions are framed from these topics.
  • Don’t leave anything for the last minute.
  • Be through with your syllabus.
  • Don’t waste time in reading out of syllabus sections.
  • Make the most of the preparation period.
  • Sit at a dedicated spot at home to study. This helps to increase concentration.
  • Learn from your previous mistakes.Also, from your competitors.
  • Always have healthy competition among each other. 
  • Learn formulas by writing them down multiple times.
  • The questions won’t be straight forward , try to read hints in the data provided.
  • Practise multiple approaches fro the same concept.Be versatile.
  • While attempting the exam begin with easy , moderate , tough and so on.This way you may save time and energy.
  • Fill OMR sheet responses in a composed state of mind.
  • Don’t panic.Rely on your preparation.


 The questions for the olympiad  are designed to be extremely difficult.The exam intends to open students minds to the concepts beyond textbooks.The evaluation of the examination system is transparent and of great value.That’s the reason awards of distinction to participants with best rank/score are awarded. Even cash prizes are distributed to toppers.It’s this rewarding system that keeps the students on their toes throughout the process.

To achieve most in the olympiad one needs to be curious, versatile and hard worker.Its recommended for every student to once sit for the exam and have an experience  and exposure to the various levels of subject based expertise and advanced concepts.

Lastly, even if you feel you don’t have the organic pull towards the subject don’t be disheartened and quit immediately.Use this preparation period as an opportunity to push yourself out of the comfort zone.As practice makes perfect.

Keep hustling.

Good luck.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

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