Essential Details and Preparation Tips for Class 5 IMO Exam

Essential Details and Preparation Tips for Class 5 IMO Exam court-reporters-los-angeles-ca

Negosentro | Essential Details and Preparation Tips for Class 5 IMO Exam | Class 5 students have an awesome opportunity to showcase their mathematical talent via the International Olympiad Exam. The IMO Exam is held annually by the Science Olympiad Foundation. Students who believe that they are good at Maths or enjoy studying Maths or solving puzzles must participate in this exam.

Here are some major benefits of participating in the IMO Exam for Class 5 students:

  1. Students with good mathematical talent get recognition at the national level.
  2. Students get to identify talent within themselves.
  3. Students get rewards and certificates.
  4. They get an opportunity at this young age to understand how competitive exams work. 
  5. They make their parents and school proud.

The Eligibility Criteria for Class 5 students:

Any student studying in Class 1-Class 12 can appear for the Level 1 of the IMO exam. To qualify for level 2 of the IMO exam, students of Class 3-Class 12 must perform exceptionally well in Level 1.

Registration Process:

Students can compete in the IMO exam if their school has registered for the exam. The students need to pay INR 125 as fees for the exam. The school can further ask for an additional fee of up to INR 25 for any added expenses bore by the school. 

Class 5 Syllabus for the IMO exam:

Level 1 Syllabus: 60% of the syllabus is based on the Class 5 Syllabus while 40% of the syllabus is based on the Class 4 Syllabus. The questions from the Achiever’s Section which are at a higher difficulty level are based on the Class 5 Maths syllabus of your school.

Level 2 Syllabus: The complete syllabus is based on the Class 5 Maths syllabus of your course.

Class 5 Exam Pattern for the IMO exam:

The exam is divided into 4 distinct sections. The first section is dedicated to questions related to Logical Reasoning. It contains 15 questions of 1 mark each. The next section is the Mathematical Reasoning section wherein you will find 20 questions of 1 mark each. Following these two sections is the Everyday Math section with 10 questions of 1 mark each. The last section is Achiever’s section with 5 questions of 3 marks each. 

Preparation tips to score high marks in Class 5 IMO Exam

  • Overview the Syllabus

Go through the syllabus of the exam. As mentioned, the major chunk of the IMO exam is based on the Class 5 textbook. However, 40% of the syllabus in level 1 will be from the Class 4 textbook. So go through all the topics once from both the classes’ textbooks and see how much you need to study.

  • Evaluate your current level of knowledge

Once you go through all the topics that might be asked in the exam, you will get a good overview of the topics that you are proficient in and topics that might need a little bit of brushing up. Note down the topics that you need to study more based on this evaluation.

  • Prepare a study plan

Now that you are aware of the syllabus and your strengths and weaknesses, sit down to prepare a study plan accordingly. You will need to balance your studies for the school as well as the preparation for the International Maths Olympiad meticulously. Thus designate suitable hours for homework/ class tests etc and 1 or 2 hours for Olympiad practice. Ensure that you stick to this timetable diligently.

  • Improve conceptual understanding

It is not enough to know the basics of Math theory for the IMO exam. The exam is based on applying the mathematical knowledge that you have learned to practical problems and puzzles. It tests you on your presence of mind and quick thinking. Thus you need to work on applying the theory to conceptual problems. 

  • Make notes

Do not forget to make notes while preparing for the exam. These notes should be from the Class 4 and Class 5 syllabus. They may include formulas, theorems, important definitions, difficult questions, etc. The notes must be prepared in a manner that you can revise from them easily and revisit the difficult questions before appearing for the exam.

  • Practice extensively

Practice is the most important part of the International Math Olympiad exam. Never practice orally. Do all calculations in a notebook. Repeated calculation using a pen and paper will help you figure out a quicker way to solve questions. Oral practice on the other hand gives you a false satisfaction that you know how to solve the question. However, the truth is that for the IMO exam, you will have to do speedy calculations accurately. So practice accordingly during preparation.

  • Solve question papers

As part of your preparation, you must take it upon yourself to solve several question papers. Download question papers like IMO Class 5 Previous Year Paper 2015 and from all the consecutive years to help you get the perfect practice for the exam. 

  • Take mock tests

Mock tests help you get into the correct mindset for the exam. It provides you with the ideal practice like an actual exam. These tests are timed and provide you with questions similar to the pattern of the IMO exam. Hence, when you go through these tests, you get an opportunity to assess your ability to solve questions quickly as well as correctly. These mock tests provide the same kind of pressure as the actual exam. So go on the internet and make it a habit to solve as many mock tests as you can during your preparation. 

  • Stay focused

You will only be able to make the most of your preparation and replicate it in the exam if your preparation was focused and distraction-free. However, if you lacked focus during exam preparation, you will most likely be stumped during the International Math Olympiad exam.  You need to stay focused on your goal both during the preparation as well as the exam. 

This is all that you need to know before you appear for the Class 5 IMO exam. With all this information and tips for preparation, you are all set to ace the Class 5 International Math Olympiad. Good luck!

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