Ways to Boost your LinkedIn Profile

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By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com |

Recently, the Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines stated that over 150,000 job vacancies are available online this year.  PhilJobNet (PJN) is the government’s official job search portal for the unemployed. They even mentioned how LinkedIn and other social media sites can be used to access the said platform and can provide the applicants feedback on the results of their job applications, upload certificates and licenses, and even receiving email alerts on job matches, and other updates.

Having a LinkedIn account is easier for employers to look out for filtered qualifications of job seekers they need. Recruiters tend to do corporate stalking and request for connections. Endorsements on your profile matters as well, this is a plus when a lot of your connections endorsed you to a skill you’ve been passionately doing.

Improve your LinkedIn profile by starting with a professional looking displayed picture. Like any other visual aids, a pleasing image sometimes is the judgement of the recruiter if you are or not qualified. Next thing they read is your summary, don’t forget this and don’t overdo this. It’s basically an in depth background of who you are as an employee.

Hobbies and interests are okay but professional skills must be there. Recruiters also revealed that one of the reasons why job seekers are not invited for interviews is because of insufficient soft skills and inappropriate applications.

Use LinkedIn to widen your network, know who connects who and you may find a new connection that can help you get employed. Remember that this social media sight connects you to potential clients and business partners as well. A few revisions on your LinkedIn profile may lead to better connections and eventually find your dream job.

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