7 Sure-fire Ways to have a Successful Food Cart Business

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By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com |

Women and men’s apparel retailing, beauty products selling, food chain franchising, the list goes on how to be your own boss, but still, the best way to be like that is to sell food in carts. Yes, food business is always fail-proof, food is a necessity in our daily lives. Read on for surefire tips on how to earn just by selling food!

1. Product line.
What kind of food do you like to sell? Is it something you also personally like? Sometimes it can be your own whipped out product that you most likely be passionately focus on selling, it can be drinks, maybe simple shakes would do. Work on a good concept of food that you think it would really sell. Remember that there are a lot of food stalls in the market and each has its own edge.

2. Stall Design.
Some franchised food stalls are collapsible. The Filipino Dream Company Inc., for example, has food and drink stalls that can be assembled and collapsed if the stall needs to be transferred to a different selling area. This is easy to reach different target markets. This leads to finding the best location for selling.

3. Secure Permits.
Getting government permits can sometimes be excruciating, and you cannot accomplish what you need to do in just one day. Patience is the key here and best understanding, this is just the start of making the business work. Register your business with IPO, DTI, BIR and permits like in the barangay and city hall for mayor’s permits. Nevermind the long lines, it will be all worth it in the end.

4. Location.
After setting the product line, find out who your target market is. Is your product a snack type of product, where kids dig it? Set it up near the school campus, or just anywhere you know that there is foot traffic, where people are used to passing by. You may bring your cart to bazaars, car shows, school fairs, even fiestas.

5. Personnel.
Aside from yourself as the one handling the business on site, find staff that are hard-working and trust-worthy, of course you don’t want to get yourself bankrupt. It’s also best if the staff is naturally a people-person, someone cheerful and sincere to be behind the cart. Remember as well that you should always be at the site as often as possible so you can constantly check how your staff is doing.

6. Promotions.
Once you learned the daily grind of your business, learn strategies and do more promotions to increase sales. The cheapest way for this is to use social media. Make you own page, spread your brand to your friends, some successful businesses are just because by word of mouth. Buy some ads on local TV, or newspaper. Start a contest online and gain more followers, there are many ways to be known, you just have to find the right channel that works for your product.

7. Proper Sanitation.
To be able to steer away from netizens bad comments in an establishment, make sure that what you sell is clean, it is properly cooked and stored. Also, the stall itself is clean and organized as well as the surroundings, we don’t want bugs or insects flying around your area. And don’t forget that the staff or your food handlers are also hygienic.

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