Understanding Cloud Computing

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Negosentro.com | Understanding Cloud Computing |Technology has advanced tremendously over the past decade. One of the most important contributions has been the development of cloud computing. Companies and individuals can now keep their data secure away from their facilities yet be able to access it whenever and wherever they wish. Here are some basic concepts behind the use of this platform.

Types of Clouds That Are On the Market

When a platform contracts with multiple customers, both commercial and individual, to keep their information on their servers, it is referred to as a public cloud. There are multiple parties from all over the world accessing their data throughout the day. A private cloud is built by someone associated with your organization and is only able to be used by the members of your company. Those outside your business are prevented from getting and storing their files on the server. The final option for your workspace would be a hybrid model. When you do this, you keep the information that can be seen by other parties on the public cloud while securing what can only be available to your staff on a private one.

The Function of Cloud Computing

When you utilize this service, you are retrieving your program or information from a provider outside your home or business. You contract with an organization to store your data then give you access to it whenever you need it. The files that you send to this source are stored in data farms, which are large facilities with many servers running around the clock. This equipment can handle various situations from installed software to converged core network infrastructure. They clone what is kept on them and share it with each other in the event one machine breaks down. This way what you send to the cloud is protected and available the moment you must have it.

The Types of Clouds That Are On the Market

Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or Iaas, is the concept that allows you to store basic files on the cloud such as databases, word documents, or excel spreadsheets that you want to share with your employees. You pay monthly for this space from your provider. A Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS, lets you construct your websites, applications, and other tools that your company requires via the cloud instead of using what you have on your computer to design them. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, keeps software on the platform for your company to use when they need it. This is especially beneficial for any programs that your staff works with on a daily basis.

Why You Should Use the Cloud

One advantage to using the cloud for your business is that you can reduce the number of physical servers that you keep onsite at your facility to one or two computers. A majority of your information can be sent to the cloud to be stored. This lowers your utility bill since there are fewer pieces of equipment to draw energy to operate. It also frees up space for more employees to sit or for storage. Another benefit is that, in the event that a staff member decides to work from home, they can access the same data and programs that those working in the office also have. This provides flexibility to those that are employed by you if they must stay home with a sick child or go out of town to meet with a client. 

Protecting Your Data While It Is On the Cloud

If you decide to rent space on the cloud, contact the provider that you intend to work with and ask them about the procedures that they have in place for securing your data. A public cloud platform is vulnerable for attack by hackers and other cyber threats since there are thousands of people who use it. Ensure that the company you have chosen has the proper antivirus software in place as well as a strong firewall to keep intruders from breaking in. Cloud computing has become a vital piece of technology today. The constant accessibility of files anywhere in the world and the variety of programs you can utilize can make this platform a great benefit for your organization

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