Voice Technology: The On-Demand Business Controller Tool for Future

Voice Technology

Negosentro.com | Voice Technology: The On-Demand Business Controller Tool for Future | Be it Alexa, Google or Siri, you have already witnessed the voice-assistant technologies. All of them can — narrate a story, control the room temperature, send a message to your beloved ones and whatnot, at your single voice command. Yes, you need not press any key to activate them, at all. The functions come built-in with voice-activated technologies and remain contactless.

Additionally, the invention of IoT-enabled devices has spruced up voice technology. And, you can connect to any room, on any floor via the means of voice-activated technology. Apart from daily uses to establish a smart home, businesses are deploying engaging communication media with the help of voice technology. The smart assistants using voice technology can promptly fix an appointment for you. 

The speech recognition technology is making a statement by conveying communication free from errors and extra efforts. That’s why both smart home sectors and leading businesses have found the fun and benefits derived from voice-activated technology.

How Voice Technology is Driving the Craze for Smart Home?

To begin your smart home journey, you have to add on several voice-assistant tools in your home. Such voice-activated devices come up with the technology that can detect a speech and recognize the requirement of the speaker. However, to activate it, you need to first pair up the voice assistants to your smartphone. And, that’s a must for an organized smart home service.

Fortunately, voice assistants are not only limited to your smartphones but also you gain more features with them. Connect the voice assistants with the IoT devices such as dedicated lights, air conditioners, or the thermostat, a video communicator. And, you can experience true magic.

For instance, you can make the changes for indoor temperature, play music for your elderly ones. Similarly, you can convey your message to any of the family members, even when you are not at your home.

Additionally, you need not keep the delivery guy waiting downstairs, just activate the voice assistant with your speech, and the video communicator would deliver your message to the delivery guy. Moreover, children can explore new skills and activities regarding their studies from the voice-activated systems. 


Say yes to uninterrupted entertainment. Cling to your favorite music or podcast by ordering your voice assistant system to run that. It would be a bonus when you can’t access your smartphone due to the immense workload. Experience hands-free advantage with voice technology and IoT devices. Once accustomed to technology, it’s the fastest way to make your wish come true.

However, smart home services and possibilities are not only restricted to playing music and communication. It’s absolutely possible to save energy and water with the help of voice assistants and smart toilets, lights, and more. Control your home automation technology with voice-activated smart devices. 

However, it all started with the speech recognition technology introduced by IBM. Later, Microsoft added the speech recognition tool in Office XP, and you can experience the trend of voice assistants with Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home.

Most Common Smart Speakers for Smart Home

Amazon Echo or commonly known as Alexa is quite popular among smart users. People mostly use this device to get information about weather, traffic, and play audio, story, anything at a simple voice command. 

Similarly, Apple’s Siri is a usual voice on iOS devices and you can now grab the voice assistant in every smart device. Apple has launched its smart speaker, namely HomePod, through which you can connect your home, smartphone, and even your smart car.

Undoubtedly, every Android smartphone comes with Google by default. And, almost every Android user is quite familiar with ‘OK Google’ voice assistant for making any query. It has helped the search results to a great extent. 

Additionally, Google Home, the smart speaker and voice assistant from Google has accomplished a wonder due to already customized browsing history and search preferences. So, if you have grabbed any of the smart voice assistants, start talking to them and discover more appraisals.

Advantages of Voice Technology for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have opened a broader window for business communication. Whether you are taking B2B or B2C relations into account, fast and reliable communication is the key to owning a successful business. There is text to speech online service available for voiceovers in many languages to help with business presentations.

Moreover, the current generations are more digital-savvy, and they stay connected to more than a single network-enabled device, at a time. Therefore, businesses are transforming their style for shopping, placing an order, and other conveniences through voice technology. Thus, smart users can readily move on with their preferences without any delay, in spite of being connected to tonnes of devices.

On the other hand, implementing voice technology for client-oriented platforms has raised the demand for the services issued by businesses. Customers can make the payment or inquiry about a service if the voice-activated assistants are enabled. So, basically, it drives a customer satisfaction grade for digital expectations and requirements. That’s why businesses have started adding chatbots over the helpline numbers, mainly.

Optimal and Efficient Business Strategies

Surprisingly, customers have provided feedback over the chatbot experience that — they feel like talking to their friends. For most customers, chatbots are a better alternative compared to over-the-phone customer service options. So, it’s an effective strategy to attract customers and target audiences towards the business and its efficient customer experience. 

Even internal business communications are switching to hand-free and screen-free voice technology applications. Whether it’s setting a basic reminder for an upcoming meeting or dispatching emails to employees, everything relies on single voice command. Therefore, you can avail multitasking at the same time without conducting any errors. 

Moreover, voice technology is more praised due to untouchability, especially during these pandemic and infection days. Employees can go without any fret and connect to everyone using voice technology. They can avoid unnecessary touches, and also infections.

Extra Benefits of Voice Technology…

With the help of natural language processing technology, voice assistants can be utilized for conversational CRMs. Additionally, information sharing among employees is another example of the application of voice technology. The fun part is that any business can deploy voice assistants irrespective of the scale. Be it home or business, voice technology is going to be in the driving seat, no doubt.

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