8 Health Tips for Office Workers

Office Workers
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Negosentro.com | 8 Health Tips for Office Workers | During the workweek, most office workers spend more of their waking hours sitting at their desk, while the health-conscious ones use standing desks at the office than they do at home. This makes staying healthy at the office extra important. These eight tips can help office workers stay healthy.

  1. Skip the Candy Dish

Many well-meaning co-workers keep stashes of candy and other unhealthy snacks at their desks or in the breakroom for sharing. If you’re one of them, replace the chips, candy and cupcakes with healthy alternatives, such as fruit and nuts. If the candy bowl on your co-worker’s desk or the cupcakes in the breakroom are too much of a temptation, try to avoid walking past them. Keep a stash of healthy snacks on hand to ward off the temptation to hit the vending machine. If you find you are excessively hungry, consider products that curb appetite, such as the Thrive patch, but be aware of the Thrive side effects.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is very important for your overall health. Skip the soda and coffee, which have caffeine that can act as a diuretic and instead bring a reusable water bottle that you can keep at your desk throughout the day. Supplement your hydration by snacking on foods with high water content, such as oranges, grapes, watermelon and apples. Staying hydrated at work can help you avoid that afternoon slump.

  1. Get Some Exercise

Walking on your lunch break can be a great way to get some exercise and de-stress from your day. Find a like minded co-worker or two to keep you on track. You can work in a few more steps by parking further away from the office and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Take some time throughout the day to get up and walk around the office if you can.

  1. Eat a Healthy Lunch

Frequent fast food lunches can really pack on the pounds and there isn’t much nutritional value in the food. Instead of hitting the drive-thru, bring a healthy lunch to work. Include a mix of lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and at least one serving of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Avoid Tension Neck Syndrome

Tension neck syndrome can happen when the upper shoulders and neck are awkwardly positioned for extended periods of time. People who spend a lot of time using the phone or typing are particularly susceptible to this condition that causes shoulder and neck pain, tenderness and tight muscles. You can reduce your chances of suffering TNS by using a headset or shoulder cradle when talking on the phone and maintaining good posture when using your computer.

  1. Set Up Your Monitor Properly

People who use computers for long periods of time often experience eyestrain that can lead to headaches, focus problems and light sensitivity. To avoid eyestrain, place your monitor about an arm’s length away from your face. If you can’t read your monitor from that distance, increase the font size. Make sure all wiring and set up is done correctly and that you are using a surge protection device.

  1. Use Your Vacation Time

Many people’s jobs are a major source of stress. Stress can impair your immune function, causing you to get sick more often and contribute to other health issues, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Taking vacations can lower your stress level.

  1. Disinfect Your Workstation

Frequently touched surfaces, such as keyboards, mice and phones, can be breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. Use a disinfectant cleaner, spray or wipe to clean the frequently touched surfaces in your workspace to reduce your chances of getting sick.

  1. Know Your Limits

Don’t try to impress the boss or a client by putting in 60-hour work weeks at the expense of your health. Pay attention to your body. Take breaks when you need to. Ask for help when you need it.

Staying healthy in the office is important for the overall health of office workers. These eight tips can help you stay healthy at work.

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