Video Marketing for Beginners

Social Media Videos Video Marketing for beginners

by Cindy Del Rio, | Video Marketing for Beginners | For those dipping their toe into the marketing waters for the first time, you may be a bit confused as to which area to dedicate your time and budget to. Email campaigns, direct mail, website opt-ins, newsletter subscriptions, social media accounts, LinkedIn content… the list of ways to market your business is almost endless. As a rule, if you haven’t delivered several campaigns to gauge what works well for your line of business, then the quickest way to see results is to see what’s working for other marketers.

By checking some of the latest marketing statistics, you will see that video marketing has emerged as the content format that people are turning to for the best results. To put this into some perspective, stats show that conversion rates for landing pages that have embedded videos increase conversion rates by an astonishing 80%.

So, if you are at the stage of developing your first marketing strategy, you need to focus on what channels are driving the best results, and you’ll find video will become your new best friend. The chances are that you have not spent much time in creating videos in the past and it is probably a skill most people haven’t needed until recently. However, if you are running a small business with a relatively modest marketing budget, you probably don’t want to invest heavily in a video production team. The likes of Clipchamp can get you started.

Fortunately, there is plenty of free video creation software available for you to use. Or perhaps you know someone who has some experience of creating videos, and you can ask them for some help. Either way, the technology that is available at your fingertips ensures that you can create a basic video if you do not want to go to a video production/marketing company to do it for you.

Depending on what you are trying to market, you may want to create videos that demonstrate how your product works or a 10-second clip of a happy customer’s testimonial. If you are selling something like real estate, then the 360 video feature is a very popular way to show people around a property, with estate agents increasingly using this method to attract more interest in the properties that they market.

Facebook Live is another easy to use method of showcasing your business. Maybe you have a restaurant, and you want to show people the ambiance of a dining experience at your restaurant – things like that are difficult to convey in text alone. You also have a range of great software that is available on various operating systems such as iMovie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker. Watch a few video tutorials and you can be up and running in minutes.

Once you have created a great video, the next step is to get people to view it, so you will need to think about strategies such as buying YouTube likes and/or using email and social media to drive more people to view your video. Video marketing is definitely going to be popular for the foreseeable future, so it is worth your while getting well acquainted.

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