Sure-Fire Hacks to Boost Your Website Traffic and Conversion Rate

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by Muhammad Ali, | Sure-Fire Hacks to Boost Your Website Traffic and Conversion Rate | Gone are the days when you need to pay journalists or media owners to reach your audience. Now you don’t need to pay for reaching a new audience or getting website traffic. You can attract visitors to your website by inbound marketing and content marketing techniques, and share your content for free and grow your audience on social media platforms.

Getting global traffic in real-time is no longer a dream. You can achieve online success without paying a cent. But how?

Through website traffic and conversions.

In this blog, you will find some sure-fire digital marketing hacks that can help you increase your website traffic and conversion rate.

Website Traffic

The task of getting traffic to your website is getting tougher day by day due to fierce competition. With more than 1 billion websites and many operating devices, it is getting harder to attract traffic.

But you can make this intricate task simpler by using the power of digital marketing platforms. The digital platforms that you own include your business website, official blog, landing pages, sales pages, mobile-optimized site, and social media platforms.

And to gain an audience to those platforms you need to either earn it or pay for it.

There is also a digital marketing approach that needs a psychological mind shift. When you pay to get traffic and build email lists, it will contribute to strengthening your online presence.

Many years ago, traditional marketing was considered a luxury. You attracted traffic with print media, radio ads, TV and other traditional media which didn’t last long. But now digital marketing is considered an investment that gives you desired results today and into the future.

Digital marketing doesn’t vanish like traditional advertising as the result is a profound digital impression and presence that lasts. If you are not investing in your web assets (website, social networks, blog, social media channels, organic search engine result pages), then you are missing out on an opportunity to reach a vast audience.

  1. How to Get Traffic?

If you are a small business or startup that don’t have money but time, then you can easily earn traffic. All you need to create great content, build your social media networks, optimize keywords in your content for search engines and repeat all the steps every day. 

Free Traffic

By creating awesome content, building an email list and sharing interesting posts on social media can give you a ton of free traffic. With this strategy, you can gain traffic from organic search, social media, inbound links and more.

But keep in mind that the traffic is not for free, you need to spend a large number of hours optimizing your blog posts, adjusting keywords for search engines, creating a CTA to collect email subscribers, and building your social media fans. This is what you need to earn free traffic.

Never underestimate your ability, efforts, determination and persistence to earn traffic for free. You can do it. 

Paid Traffic

What if you have money and not the time to increase your website traffic? If that is the case, you can pay for it. Google AdWords and Facebook advertising are the paid marketing techniques to generate traffic.

If you opt for Facebook Ads or Google AdWords or LinkedIn ads and pay for such mediums, then it is important to carefully analyze whether the traffic and leads convert or not. Otherwise, what’s the point of throwing away money to these paid platforms?

You need to carefully quantify your lead generation cost. Because if you don’t know the lead acquisition cost and your conversion rate of those leads, then soon you will go out the back door. Because in the paid digital marketing you have so many numbers that you need to consider as well as know the key metrics that might affect your bottom line.

But there is an issue with paid advertising, when you stop paying for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, the traffic just disappears. It takes at least 90 days to take a potential buyer to convert, so it is advised to set aside capital to converting a prospect into a customer.

What if Both Were Done Right

When you have a ton of traffic that keeps appearing on your website on the higher ranking of search engine result pages and getting targeted traffic to your lead acquisition page, then using your credit card for paid advertising is indeed a wise choice. If both done right, you can not only increase your website traffic but also convert your prospects into repeat customers.

The Art of Getting Organic Traffic

Ranking higher on search engine result pages, building a loyal audience on social media and creating a large email list by offering engaging, free content are a few tricks to earn free traffic. The traffic keeps coming to your website even if you stop the advertising game. But you need to update your blog with fresh posts to maintain the traffic flow.

Getting Paid Traffic that Converts

You can create targeted and well-designed paid advertising marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website and landing pages. This will help you get more conversions and sales.

  1. How to Boost Conversions

It is the most important ingredient to your business’s success. It feels really great when you convert the earned or paid traffic into a lead that your sales team can close. Nowadays, digital marketing plays a key role in gaining targeted traffic to your website that you can convert. The two important types of digital marketing techniques include:

Email Marketing

Creating an email list is one of the best techniques for making sales online. However, social media is a great tactic for creating brand awareness, loyalty and traffic, your email list is where the game of online success begins.

You need to offer free content in the form of an eBook and attention-grabbing popup when a visitor enters your website or exits. There are some digital marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft and more that can take your email marketing efforts to the next level.   

Digital Marketing

You need to create a brand message that creates trust and converts a prospect into a passionate brand advocate. This is the art of digital marketing and digital marketing agencies such as Branex know the art of crafting a message that captures the interest of prospects and builds trust.

You need to first create brand awareness and educate them on how using your products can improve their lives. When you remove all the doubts, chances are you can easily convert them from a lead to a customer. In the digital marketing world, you need to provide social proof for whatever you say about your brand because your prospects are going to doubt everything you claim.  

Your Turn

No matter if you have a traffic problem or your conversion rates are so low, these digital marketing tips will surely help you get out of trouble. Try them out and you can thank me later!

Author Bio:

Muhammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing professional who is currently associated with Branex, this creative web design agency.  He enjoys learning about digital marketing, the latest advancement in the web design and development industry.

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