Various Tools Used to Clear the Blocked Drain


Anna Wrench, Negosentro |  You need to maintain your drainage system and the plumber system of your building or home in a proper way. There must be a clear water source and systematic drainage system in your building and your drainage system connected with the main water system should be maintained by expert plumbing services. After maintaining all these things, you can also face some trouble in your drainage system such as blocked drain, leakage of pipelines, underground tree roots problem inside the drains and lots more. In this case, you can use some appliances or tools to clear your blocked drain or can also call the plumber or drain specialists to do this task for you.

How would you clear the blocked drains by various tools?


Plunger: there are various tools available for drainage treatment and most of them used by trained plumber only. You can find some blockage in your toilet, sink, bathtub, kitchen sinks and bathroom. You can use the plunger to clean these clogged areas and must submerge the plunger before you insert them into your drainage system. You need to place the plunger at the opening point of the blocked drain and create some pressure from the other side of the plunger. But sometime huge amount of solid garbage or dirt deposited inside the drain makes it impossible to pull garbage with a plunger. In this case, you can use some other tools or call the professional drain cleaners to do this task. They are trained in this field, and they can easily use some chemical and equipment to clean the drainage system.

Plumber’s snake: this is also known as cable auger, and you need to clean the blocked drain manually with this tool. The plumber’s snake or cable auger is made with durable and flexible steel material, and you can find some long wires attached with this auger. You need to insert this auger inside your blocked drain and locate the clogged areas. Then you need to rotate this auger and brake down the blocked areas into small parts. Lastly, you can flush out these small particles with plenty of water and clear the blocked drain. If you find a large clogged area inside the drain then you need to use the electric power auger, because this auger has an electric motor, and it can easily reach out the clogged areas and clear them within a short span. For unclogging toilets, you can use the closet auger. But it is recommended that do not push this auger inside the drain and try to locate the clogged area first, otherwise you can damage the drains permanently.    

DIY techniques to clear the blocked drain: you can use some DIY techniques to clear the blocked drains. You can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar inside the drain and flush out the deposited waste particles from the drains. Else you can find some strainers in your basis which accumulate food particles and grease substances. In this regard, you can clean these strainers on regular basis to maintain your drainage system.

Signs for blocked drain: Blocked drains are caused by different things and you need to prevent such issues. But you will find some signs from your drainage system which will indicate the blockage. If you find these following signs, then you must call professional drain cleaning specialist to clear the drains:

  • Bad odor from bathroom outlet, kitchen sink and sewage system or gutters.
  • Overflowing sinks or the toilet floor is filled up with lot of water.  
  • Shower cubicle is filled with water and there are some leakages in your pipelines.
  • Overflowing gutter at the garden area.

So now you can call your nearest drain cleaning services and maintain your drain on regular basis.