Why would you go for Synthetic Turf installation service


Zac Ferry, Negosentro |  A lush garden with smooth grass carpet is a desirable thing for every homeowner and they can design their garden with plenty of attachments. But if you want to decorate your garden with natural grass then you need to maintain them and you need to spend your whole weekend for watering and harvesting these grasses. It does need plenty of water to maintain its fresh look, however, what if you are living in a low-water or low-rainfall area or you want to grow grass where water is a problem? The answer is simple, you install Synthetic Turf. Now you do not need to water the grasses, and you do not need to buy any shredding equipments and lawn mowers for these grasses. You can easily hire the synthetic grass installation service and they will decorate your garden with their special grass carpets.  

Why Are Synthetic Turf So Popular?

When it comes to the real grass, it is a tough job to keep watering it, fertilizing it, cutting it and harnessing the growth of unwanted weed, and more which makes the stakes of fake grass higher. There are several more reasons why you might want to switch from authentic real grass to synthetic turf.

  • Tired of increase water bills for maintaining real grass.
  • Invested a lot in buying herbicides and fertilizers and now you cannot do it more.
  • This syntactic grass looks fresh than the real one. Along with this, you do not need to maintain them and spend any additional amount for them.

So if you want to decrease your water bills, save your time and decorate your garden with some easy solution then you must hire the synthetic turf installation service.

Who Does Synthetic Turf Installation?

There are many brands that have developed machinery and the equipment needed to lay fake grass as per your requirements. Moreover, there are many types of fake grass available which can be laid on practically any surface with the proper installation which is specified below.

How To Install Synthetic Turf?

Depending on the brand and type of fake grass and method you select, these are the steps that are followed to install Synthetic Turf.

Step 1 – Choose the perfect type and texture of fake grass you want to install.

Step 2 – The previously used turf must be removed or if not available, you will have to dig a 1-1/2 or 2-1/2 inch where the fake grass will be installed.

Step 3 – Apply Weed Suppressing Membrane to protect the grass layer to get disfigured or damaged.

Step 4 – Chop or put crushed stone or layer of sand for a firm based.

Step 5 – Put a layer of fine sand and then level the surface using a wooden plank or any other flat surface.

Step 6 – If you want the grass to be cushioning, install a shock-absorbent material over the leveled surface.

Step 7 – Put the adhesive on the surface where the fake grass will be applied. If the area is too big and required joining two layers of grass, apply the adhesive properly to avoid any further problem between the joints.

Step 8 – Carefully remove the border from the artificial grass. (Optional)

Step 9 – Use your hands to align the grass properly around the edges. Consider pulling or scratching the grass layer a bit to fit the edges.

Step 10 – Now cut the grass as per the shape you desire and then nail it down to the place with nails.

Step 11 – Finally, apply a layer of silica over the newly laid grass and then brush it to spread evenly.

So call the synthetic turf installation service today to decorate your garden.

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