Valuable Tips for Booking the Right Yacht Charter

luxury yacht charter | Valuable Tips for Booking the Right Yacht Charter | You have spent vacations at a resort and a hotel but wish to charter a yacht to spend a blissful vacation with more flexibility and relaxation. There will be many things to consider while booking a yacht charter.

Vessel type

First thing to consider is the size and type of the yacht, so as to ensure that every guest accompanying you has sufficient space onboard. Vessel size will directly impact your cost. Moreover, the types and number of water toys offered will also differ from one yacht to another. They can differ from tubing and wakeboards to scuba diving and waterslides.

First check what kind of vessels are offered by the company Arthaud Yachting in France. There are four popular types.

  1. Mega yacht – Most expensive but luxurious as it can even include a helicopter.
  2. Motor yacht – Vessel size is less than hundred feet in length and can easily sail in private coves. It moves faster, so traveling is speedier between islands.
  3. Catamaran – Has a large deck, space for variety of activities and is perfect for groups.
  4. Sail yacht – Ideal for celebrating wedding anniversary or honeymoon because sailing yacht offers intimate and romantic experience.


Best advantage of yacht charter cruise is there is no pre-programmed itinerary to follow. You are independent to change activities as per your mood and weather. Remember on land tours and events occur at specific time schedules, so if you desire to see specific sights then plan an itinerary.  The crew will help as they are aware of local happenings and thus you can enjoy a personalized tour.


You will be spoiled with having a personal chef onboard the chartered yacht. You will be offered a preplanned menu but changes can be made based on preferences of guests accompanying [picky eaters, dietary restrictions and allergies]. You can even add special dishes to the menu.

Packing tips

As you will not have to worry about the traveling, accommodation or food aspects because it will be handled onboard by the crew and offshore by the broker. However, you will need to do proper packing. So, what to pack? Get familiar with the average expected temperature of the destination you plan to go cruising. Cool nighttime temperature means long sleeves and long pants. On the other hand, you will need less on warm days. Practicality must be your goal.

  • SwimwearCute bathing suits & cover-ups are essential as you will lounge, sunbathe, and swim the whole day.
  • Footwear – Flip-flops are practical because you will be walking on different beaches and docks. You may even need to get in a dingy several times. This cannot be comfortably accomplished safely with high heels or other shoes.
  • Clothes – Dressing is totally different, when you are on a vacation. An attractive sundress, cargo shorts, khakis, T-shirts, shorts, button up shirt, light jacket, cardigan are fine clothing option.
  • Sun protection – There will be plenty of exposure to ultra violet rays on the yacht. Your skin will need protection, so sunscreen need to be packed. Moreover, long sleeved cotton shirts, hat and sunglasses will be welcome addition to guard against sunburns and heat exhaustion. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Look for a reliable charter yacht broker, so that you end up with a memorable cruising experience!