Great Cosplay Costumes Ideas Not To Be Missed In 2019

Looking for some amazing cosplay ideas? we have got you covered! Cosplay is a good way to show your love of your favorite character, so which character to do is a great question. Now we have compiled several lists of great cosplay costumes ideas not to be missed in 2019. From male cosplay, female cosplay to couple cosplay, xcoos has all cosplay costumes you need.

1. Great Cosplay Ideas For Male

 Joker Cosplay Costume

jokerWant to dress like a joker but not a common one? Then this fabulous joker cosplay costume is exactly what you need. It’s a simple suit with some extra details which will take the character into real life easily. All you need to do is to do the makeup and facial expression right. With that done correctly you surely will be the star of the event.

Naruto Shippuden Anbu Costume 

Naruto Shippuden AnbuLooking for anime cosplay ideas? then why not try this one? Having more interest towards the dark side of anime, this is the ideal select for you! Because of the darkness consistes in an Anbu’s career, one’s personality decide whether they can get into the force, so even if you are exceptional skilled, if your personalities don’t meet the need of the organisation, you will be rejected.. His costume combines leather and sintepon and consists of a vest, hands protection, and a mask.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume 

game of thronesThe perfect cosplay ideas for guys are able to bring the girls throwing themselves to you. Everyone men has ever dreamed of becoming  Jon Snow. And there is no better way to achieve that for Game of Thrones fans than by dressing in this Jon Snow costume.

Being All-In-One, the Jon Snow whole set suit contains Jon Snow’s Waistcoat, brown cape, the belt and the kilt as shown in pictures. Waistcoat and the belt is made up of good quality leather. You will find that the details you can ever think of are all included.

2. Great Female Cosplay Costumes Ideas

Daenerys Targaryan Costume 

game of thronesNo one would ever forget this Qarth dress from Season II of the series if he do love wanthing Game of Thrones. But who would expect such a wonderful portrayal of the this dress? This amazing replica is able to make you look as pretty and innocent as Daenerys Targaryan.

Captain Marvel Costume 

captain marvel2019 is the year when movie Captain Marvel released, so she is gonna become a quite popular choice for doing cosplay without any doubt. Having watched the perfomance of Brie Larson in the movie, we all agree it would be super cool to do this potential cosplay. We noticed the super suits worn by Captain Marvel are not as titillating as what other female superhero wear, but actually her image like a sexy female athlete is the great choice for the movie.

super girl
Super Girl Costume

An old but still great cosplay idea for female, if you are a hot blonde girl, this costume is a perfect choice cause you meet the every key features of this female superhero. Be prepared to be loved and gawked by those passbys cause we know they will!

3. great Cosplay Ideas For Couples

Spiderman and the Cat Woman

spidermanSpiderman and the Cat woman tend to save the world together in this super cute couples costume.

The Statue of Liberty and a Tourist Costume 

This couple costumes seem not difficult to do, you just need to pick up a fanny pack and a family camera. You would really have a lot fun in fulfilling this creative couple cosplay idea,

statue of libertyPeter Pan and Wendy Costume 

peter pan wendyDress up like them and start your own fairy story!

If you want to do cosplay then make sure you wear something to make you stand out! Grab one of these cosplay ideas and make you actually shine at next big convention! Welcome to to find out the great cosplay costumes just for you!