Using Christmas Decorations In Different Parts Of Your Home

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Using Christmas Decorations In Different Parts Of Your Home | Let guests into your house, and the first sight that will greet them in the hallway. Doesn’t it make more sense to start your Christmas decorating there, rather than in the main rooms? Decorating the entryway sets the tone for what is to follow in the rest of the house, and even if the time spent in the area isn’t long, don’t let the opportunity to make an impact right from the start pass you by!

From the minute you open the door for your guests, you have the opportunity to give them a taste of what is to follow in the rest of your home – festivity!  It need not be expensive, or for that matter, store-bought, to make a great visual impact. From verdant garlands and wreaths to dainty lights or even candles and lanterns can create an instant festive vibe. 

Where does the tree come in? 

A Christmas tree is likely to form the focal point of your decor, and for this reason, often ends up in the living room. What Christmas tree decorations you use is up to you. Some people prefer ribbons and garlands, while others are fans of hanging ornaments and baubles. 

Recent tendencies have been to move away from garish and brash glitter, like traditional tinsel. The more modern approach is a more muted shimmer, rather than the very bright sparkle of tinsel. Consider also using ribbon on your tree instead, to make a high-impact visual statement. Berries and pinecones are excellent ways to add to this without making the tree look too bold. 

Is it weird to decorate with snacks?

Absolutely not! The deep colours that are associated with Christmastime make the corresponding food choices perfect cameos to double up as decoration! Think about a gloriously decorated cake, daintily iced cookies, and even nuts and dried fruit – what perfect, warm tones to complement your styling! 

Serve treats on crisp white crockery to make them appear at their brightest, and decorate the snack table with some evergreen foliage to bring the picture together. 

Now let’s look at the bigger picture

There are many aspects of a room that can end up becoming natural focal points, like fireplaces and windows, both of which are known to greatly benefit from being framed in one way or another. Whether you prefer natural materials like garlands, streamers, or tinsel – the choice is yours. A cheerful frame will immediately take the room to another level. Don’t neglect the table either – bring in some colour with a bright runner or some leaves to add a bit of vibrance. 

Other ways to bring colour into your room is to hang wreaths made of natural materials in the windows, add flowers and foliage to your table display, and of course, the evergreen hanging of stockings at the fireplace. 

Not even the bathroom gets left out!

Although it may not be a top of the list destination when planning your Christmas décor, don’t underestimate the power of a few nice touches in the bathroom to bring it all together. A festively coloured hand towel can bring an instant facelift to a room. Pair this with a beautifully scented candle to round off the look. You could also consider adding an evergreen plant display. If you have a propensity for the wackier side of things, you could even go for something fun like Christmas themed toilet tissue – although people might have mixed reactions to seeing holly leaves there!

Finally, we add a bit of warmth

If you are lucky enough to have a built-in fireplace, use it to your advantage – and I’m not just referring to heating your home. A fireplace acts as an automatic focal point in a room, creating the perfect opportunity to decorate it for maximum impact. Go wild with garlands, ribbons and even fruit to enhance its visual impact. Don’t be scared to think outside the box either, and to find a way to move away from the decorations that might be traditionally used, such as pinecones and holly. Base your choices on your personal style to put your stamp on things – dried flowers, feathers, beads, found objects, coloured glass – the options are endless. 

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