Landing Page Hacks to Increase Conversions

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Landing Page Hacks to Increase Conversions | Building a landing page with a high conversion rate is difficult yet the most rewarding task. The simple reason is that countless factors determine whether a page will convert or not. Variables like your traffic, content, images and page design may affect your page’s conversion rate. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can put into practice to make your page convert better. Here are 7 actionable landing page hacks to enhance conversions.

  1.     Create an Attention-grabbing Headline

 You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor once they visit your page. And the headline will determine whether they’ll stick around for long or they’ll leave right away, as it’s the first thing they’ll see on your site. That’s why it’s important to craft an attention-grabbing headline. When crafting a compelling headline, be sure to use a blend of contextual keywords coupled with emotional elements to enhance clickability.

  1.     Incorporate a Short Landing Page Video

 Landing page videos have gained immense popularity over the last few years. Product videos are an excellent way to keep a visitor entertained and on your page for a considerably longer time. Most marketers claim that a quality landing page video boosts sales volume. So be sure to incorporate a short video (2 minutes and below) on your page. Embed it within your header or make it the background of your page such that it plays once a visitor opens your page.

  1.     Hire a Professional to Design Your Landing Page 

The landing page design can mean the difference between the failure and success of your online business. If your page looks messy and shaggy, most of the visitors won’t waste their time on it. Up to 95 percent of users will leave sites that take too long to load (up to 5 seconds). So if you aren’t familiar with landing page design, outsource that task to a professional. There are so many reliable companies and individual freelancers that specialize in SEO services in New Jersey. You just need to identify at least three web developers, compare them, and narrow them down to one that suits your budget and unique business needs.

  1.     Create Long-form Content

 Long-form landing pages result in more leads. In fact, data on shows that long-form landing pages can generate up to 220 percent more leads compared to their above-the-fold counterparts. A long-form page allows you to create compelling copy while integrating the right amount of your focus keyword(s). By offering exactly what both the target audience and search engines want, you can raise the chances of driving organic traffic and boosting conversions.

  1.     Create as Many Landing Pages as Possible

A recent Marketing Benchmarks report shows that companies with over 40 landing pages receive 12 times higher leads compared to their counterparts with 5 or even fewer. So building many high converting pages can be a great way to generate more leads and elevate your conversion rate.

  1.     A/B Test Your Pages

Building many landing pages doesn’t automatically translate to more leads. You need to A/B test them to determine which page design elements will deliver the desired results. A/B testing is a straightforward and effective method that entails doing side-by-side testing of two landing page elements to identify which delivers better performance. To get started, select a landing page element and provide two test versions to separate target customer segments. Analyze the results, identify the page that results in more conversions, and use it.

  1.     Social Proof

Social proof significantly increases credibility. Consequently, 37 percent of the best-performing landing pages feature at least one powerful testimonial. Boosting your credibility can result in a 48 percent increase in conversion optimization. So try to come up with creative ways to show off your social proof. You can incorporate a few real social images, positive reviews, and five-star ratings into your page. Partnering with an SEO Consultant would be ideal here as they will also add real pictures of customers to your page to cultivate credibility and trust while increasing the level of engagement.

Optimize Your Landing Pages Today!

Your landing pages can make or break your online business. So take your time to improve your landing pages, drawing inspirations from the above 7 hacks. Up your A/B testing game by testing several elements, running more tests, and giving tests an adequate amount of time to run before ending them.

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