Unique Web Designing Trends To Watch Out In 2017

web designing trends

by Homerun Nievera, Negosentro.com |

The web designing and development industry goes through a certain type of evolution to remain inspiring and relevant. Several new concepts are coming up when it comes to effective web design and these would change the way people used to focus on the web development process. The concepts of Virtual Reality, Immersive storytelling and the inclusion of chatbots being powered by Artificial Intelligence may change the perception of web development and the way we access content through the digital world. Without further ado, let us explore the latest concepts and design innovations that would steal the limelight in presenting websites like never before.

Artificial Intelligence-based Chatbots As Well As Conversational Interfaces

Speaking about the immersive visual experience, bots may not offer the best impact when it comes to web designing. However, they would definitely be an influencing factor in creating websites using the best designer elements. Bots being powered by AI are definitely going to be more complicated and realistic this year, trying to empower brands to automate on the sales and the communication part. Sites like, www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com feature certain conversational interfaces and AI-bots that would help online businesses to get connected, with their potential prospects and clients via chatting apps like, Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp while offering customized customer commerce and support. The introduction of conversational interfaces will definitely help the bigger brands become more expressive and approachable. Nearly a 1000 million people from different corners of the globe uses Messenger from Facebook, every single month. The introduction of Bots for Facebook Messenger was a great addition to the communication channel toolkit for the ventures of different sizes. In fact, it has become easier for brands to develop bots for Facebook, without the knowledge of coding. Tools like, Chatfuel and Botsify would make the entire process of setting up simpler to handle.

The Grid Layouts And Card Designing Concepts 

The concept of card design layouts is becoming popular by the day and is continuing to influence the web designing trends. It is the flexibility, responsiveness, organized patterns and simplicity that makes card designing concept so appealing. Pages having abundance of data would preferably be opting for grid layouts because of their ability to make information more enticing and accessible.

Focusing On Virtual Reality And 360-degree Videos 

Virtual Reality trends are slowly building up. The trend is yet to make a bigger impact on the web designing part. However, in the near future, we would witness the concept of VR and 360-degree videos being incorporated into webpages for developing that perfect interactive and breathtaking experience.

The year 2017 is definitely going to witness bigger changes in web designing and development concepts. Hopefully, the year would be quite exciting for the web development industry. With better customization and personalization options, hopefully the online world would become more intuitive while offering the most unique user experience. Coping up, with user expectations to deliver tailored-made solutions would be the primary goal of web designers this year. Let us hope for the best.

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