Is It a Tough Call between Choosing a Dog Daycare and Dog Walker?


by Jack Dawson, |

Dog owners are perpetually confused about whether to choose a doggy daycare or a dog walker. If you need to spend a substantial amount of time away from home, it is pretty obvious that you would not leave your favorite pet all alone at home for such a long time. Now the complications would arise. You need to decide between a dog daycare and a dog walker. You are somewhat finding this decision pretty challenging and wondering what to opt for to make sure that your dog is happy, safe, and relaxed. Obviously, the choice is certainly a personal one and the decision should be made keeping circumstances and unique needs in mind. You need to find answers to a few questions for figuring out which is the best option for you given your specific circumstances and unique requirements of your dog.

How Long Would You Be Out of Home?

If you are going out to work for long hours, your pet is probably going to be pretty lonely and bored if left all alone at home. This is definitely unfair on him. In such a situation, it is a better option to send him to a reliable doggie daycare where he could get canine friends and constant loving attention, and professional supervision. If you are away from home for maybe four to five hours every day, it won’t be much useful to hire a dog walker for just an hour because the pet would have to be on its own for the rest of the time which could make him restless, aggressive, and lonely. It is then a good idea to choose a reputed and reliable pet daycare facility such as Primpplay for ensuring safety and happiness for your precious pet.

Does Your Pet Get Worked Up When Left Alone?

Some pets are really worked up when they are left alone for hours at home. There are yet other dogs who would not mind being left alone and they would be happily snoozing away while you are out of home. However, if your favorite pet seems to suffer from some sort of separation anxiety, it is a good idea to put him in a daycare where he could get an opportunity to socialize with his canine friends and interact with caring humans.

Often you would be noticing that your pet destroys your belongings, or defecates or urinates or barks and howls constantly while you are away from home. These are signs that your dog is missing you and feeling lonely when you are out for hours at an end. His loneliness is making him desperate to draw your attention. That is why he is getting all the more agitated and showing his disappointment and despair by destroying things and creating a ruckus while you are away from home. It is a good idea to send him to a doggie daycare where he would be happy in the company of other dogs.

Does Your Pet Get Along with Other Pups?

If your pet is friendly with other pups and interacts with them happily then you should consider sending him to a dog daycare center whenever you are out of home for hours. His friendly attitude would help him get along well with his new canine friends in a daycare. However, if your dog has some aggressive tendencies and is reactive towards other dogs, then daycare may not prove to be the best solution for him. He may not be right for the daycare environment where socializing is the key. A good daycare facility would always be suggesting a trial session and carrying out a proper assessment before letting your dog spend a full day there. If he is found to be suitable, stable, and getting along well with others, you could choose the daycare option; otherwise, he would be better off if left in the care of a good dog walker.


Dog daycares are the best place for normal, friendly dogs. However, if a dog is generally, too nervous to socialize with others then it could be slightly overwhelming for him to fit into the daycare environment. But in this context, you must always remember that daycares mostly distinguish dogs as per their age and size. So, you need not feel unnecessarily worried about your small pooch. You have to understand your pet dog’s unique nature and his individual needs before you decide whether to choose daycare or opt for a dog walker instead.

Author Bio: Jack Dawson is an ardent dog lover who runs his own blog. His blog posts are mostly about dogs and how to keep pets happy and healthy. He advises dog owners to choose any reputed dog care facility such as Primpplay to ensure safety and joy for your precious pet.