Unexpected Life Lessons as Taught by Deadpool

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Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

If you’ve read or watched the Deadpool movie, you probably know why it’s not advisable for kids. Obviously, his words are a**f**** but of course we hate to admit that we’re like him too such as foul words and sometimes being a killjoy. But little did we know, aside from the numerous gory and morbid fight scenes, we get to learn a few points from this anti-hero.

Published by Marvel Comics, surely men and women taunted Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool’s character. Why? It’s not the typical hero that saves the day by flying with a red cape at the back (no offense Superman). Deadpool made an effort to save himself and yes, save the woman of his life. Though this role was also played by the Green Lantern, we think Ryan Reynolds nailed his performance as Deadpool.

Wade Wilson has this good amount of sense of humor in even before he transformed called himself “Deadpool”. Do not be hard on yourself too much, have a little laugh or a really good laugh. As they commonly say “Laughter is the best medicine.” Of course there’s time for joy and staying focused. Deadpool left his bag full of guns in the taxi when he’s about to battle so next time you head out for work, always check your belongings before leaving.

Embrace your insecurities just like what Wade did after what Francis a.k.a. Ajax did to him. Wade figured out he has cancer, okay then he left his longtime girlfriend then he got back up, his girlfriend Vanessa. Be confident and flaunt your flaws; no one is perfect. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be resilient like him, he didn’t give up because of his flaws. Filipinos are almost an expert on resiliency, after chaotic rainy days and flood, they manage to stand up again, restore slowly and still feel grateful of what they still have, because “hope” is always present.

Play smart and resourceful, Deadpool only have 12 bullets left when he is in the middle of the battle at the first scene, and he got more than 12 targets. He did his best to gun them down by his smarts, and great tactics. Similarly, you can do this in real life, no, not the guns in particular, make the most out of what you have.

Lastly, just be the bold you. Your confidence will reflect on how you are judged by others. Deadpool reflects a bit of self-righteousness in terms of his humor and what he believes in. Just remember this, “Do not let others behavior dictate the way you should behave,” because you know yourself better than others.

In case you haven’t watched the end-credits of Deadpool, here’s the link: End-Credit scene (Deadpool Movie) You’re welcome!


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